Prior to 2006

Students Entering Wellesley Before Fall 2006
Credit Toward Degree
  • 1 unit for most AP exams with a score of 4 or 5.  (Exception: AP MATH/BC - 2 units if score = 4 or 5; 1 unit if score = 3.)
  • Credit not awarded for AP exam in studio art courses
  • 1 unit for each  IB exam (higher level only) with a grade of 5, 6, or 7.  (Exception: IB Econ -2 units )
  • Credit not awarded for IB English A2.  Course content similar to ESL.
  • An AP score of  4 or 5 or an IB score of 5 or above in a foreign language fulfills the foreign language requirement.
  • AP or IB exams may not be taken after matriculation at Wellesley College.
  • No more than 2 units of credit in a single department; no more than 8 units total credit.
  • No lab credit for any AP or IB subject.
  • No credit toward major or minor in most departments. See catalog under each department’s “Directions for Election”.
  • No Distribution credit.
Receiving or Losing AP/IB Credit
  • AP/IB credit will be  added to a student’s record after her first year, provided she has not taken an equivalent course at Wellesley.  Official scores must be sent to the Registrar’s Office and they will be held for the first year.  Students wishing credit for AP or IB (higher level only) for whom the official scores have not been received should have them sent to the Registrar’s Office.  Student records will be checked after each semester, and AP or IB credit will be removed if the material has been repeated in a Wellesley course. The following is a list of Wellesley courses, by department, which are equivalent to AP or IB courses and are deemed to repeat the AP or IB material.
Test Subject with Equivalent Wellesley Course (if any)
Art History  = ARTH 100 & 101
Art - Drawing – may not receive credit for this exam
Biology - No exact equivalent.
Chemistry = CHEM 105/205 or CHEM 120
Computer Science = CS 111
Economics - Micro = ECON 101; Macro = ECON 102
English - No exact equivalent.
Environmental Science – no exact equivalent
French = FREN 202
German = GER 202
History - No equivalent to either US or Modern European  History.
Latin/ Vergil  = LAT 201
Latin/ Lit - No exact equivalent
Math - AP Math/AB  (or  1 unit of BC Math) = MATH 115
            2 units of AP Math/ BC = MATH 115 & 116 or MATH 115 & 120
Music - No exact equivalent
Political Science - Comparative Government - no equivalent;  US Government = POLS 200
Physics -  Physics B - may receive credit for 1 more Wellesley  unit at introductory level, but not 2.
                Physics C - Mechanics = PHYS 104 or 107
                Physics C - Electricity & Magnetism = PHYS 106 or 108
Psychology  = PSYC 101
Spanish = SPAN 202
Statistics = MATH 101;  satisfies QR overlay requirement
Note:  this is not deemed an equivalent course to PSYC 205, so a student may retain credit for AP in statistics if she takes PSYC 205.
For Wellesley departments which offer no equivalent course to the AP test subject, students with AP credit should consult the department about placement. Information about AP is included in the catalog under “Academic Programs” or under each department’s “Directions for Election”. For additional information, please consult the academic department.
For information about credit for English A-levels and other 13th year programs outside the US, and about courses taken at a college or university during high school, which do not appear on the high school transcript, please make an appointment with the Office of the Registrar.