The Office of the Registrar offers you a number of tools for your curriculum and course needs.

Course Browser - The Course Browser offers a realtime view of courses with instructors, schedules, and rooms (as each becomes available.)

Course Catalog - The annual course catalog is available online.  This site is completely searchable and is the definitive source for the curriculum. It also includes the annual listing of faculty at the College.

Older versions of course catalogs (1903-1904 to 2011-2012) are available from the Internet Archive or the Wellesley College Digital Scholarship and Archive.

Wintersession Trips and On-Campus Courses - A short listing of trips offered during the upcoming Wintersession.

Summer Session - Wellesley College Summer Session offers students a unique co-educational opportunity to interact with some of Wellesley’s top scholars and teachers in an intimate environment. The Summer Session features full credit classes drawn from a sampling of courses taught during the academic year at Wellesley.



Is there an error in your course listing in the course browser or course catalog? Speak to the department directly or send a correction to catalog at wellesley dot edu.