Find A Classroom

The Office of the Registrar recommends that faculty and students both use the online Course Browser to identify the classroom for any given course. Special notice should be paid in cases when the course has a multiple meeting pattern (i.e. meets at different times on different days and/or class meetings have different durations) as well as to alternate Wednesday meeting sessions, as these may have a different classroom than the rest of the class meetings. 

Classroom technology emergency? 

If you are experiencing a classroom technology emergency, please call the Computing Help Desk at xHELP (x4357).

What is in the Room?

A complete overview of each classroom is available through 25Live

  • Log in using your domain name and password.
  • Click on the Locations tab
  • Enter building code (example: "FND", "SCI", "PNE", or "JAC") and select GO
  • Click on the List tab.
  • Click on the classroom name to see detailed description and photo.

Library & Technology Services (LTS) supports technology, including hardware and software, in the classrooms. LTS provides excellent support and materials documenting the technology available in each campus space. Find out more.

Why Was I Assigned This Classroom?

Classroom preferences are submitted to the Office of the Registrar by faculty and departments.  These preferences are computed and classrooms are assigned.

If you have a question about a classroom assignment, please first discuss this with the department. If the classroom assigned to you does not accommodate your needs and you wish to request a reassignment, please fill out a form:

Extra Class Meetings

Extra class meetings (review sessions, class presentations, film showings, honors orals, makeup sessions) need to be requested through 25Live. Log in using your domain name and password and complete the new event form. 

  • Log in using your domain name and password
  • Click on the Event Wizard tab
  • Fill out the necessary fields marked with *
  • Note:  The Event Type for all curricular events needs to start with "Registrar-XXXX"
  • Click Next and continue through the rest of the form to request a Location and any Service Requests as needed
  • Click on "Finish" to save your event
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you when approved (3-5 business days)

Once submitted, the request will be reviewed by the Office of the Registrar. You will be contacted if there is any additional information required prior to approval. Event State will be "draft" until approved by the Registrar's Office.

What Else is Happening in this Classroom/Building?

  • Go to the Classroom Occupancy App to find which courses are scheduled in a particular classroom for the semester.  
To see a complete schedule of all events scheduled in a particular space, visit 25Live.
  • Log in to 25Live using domain name and password
  • Click on the Locations tab
  • Enter building code, example "FND" and select GO
  • Click on the Calendar tab
  • A calendar will come up for the current month with all events happening in the building.