Students’ Guide to Final Examinations Spring 2012

For spring courses with a final examination, the professor has chosen to offer either a self-scheduled exam or a fixed (scheduled) exam. A fixed exam is an exam given at a specific time and place for the entire class at the same time. A self‐scheduled exam is one that each member of the class takes at a time of the student’s choosing within the exam sessions outlined below.

For a fixed exam:

Fixed exams are scheduled within one of the exam sessions in the five day exam period: 9:00‐11:30am, 1:30‐4:00pm, and 6:00‐8:30pm (see the planner below). Students will know in advance from their professor the time and place for the exam. There is a published schedule of all fixed exams for the spring semester and their times and rooms posted on the registrar’s website.

The professor will specify whether any materials can be used in the exam. Students should be at the specified room in advance of the start time, and the professor or a colleague will administer the exam, and collect the finished exams at the end of the time period. The professor will provide the blue books needed for the exam.
If a student has three fixed exams scheduled in a 24‐hour period, the student may reschedule one to a different time, arranged with the professor. Professors are being asked to honor these requests, as long as there is no element of the exam that requires it to be administered to the entire group at once (for example, slides need to be shown or there is an oral component). Other emergency requests for taking a fixed exam at a time other than the scheduled time are at the professor’s discretion and must be within the exam period (May 9-11, 14, 15) and not conflict with any other exam.


For a self-scheduled exam:

Self-scheduled exams may be taken during any of the three exam periods scheduled each day in the five day exam period set aside for self-scheduled exams: 9:00‐11:30am, 1:30‐4:00pm and 6:00-8:30pm. (Please note: there is no evening session on the last day of exams, May 15).

The exam center is located in the Science Center Library for all departments giving self-scheduled exams. Students will choose the day and time they wish to take their exam from among the designated exam sessions (see exam planner below). Students should report to the Science Center Library exam center to pick up their exam. The exam center will start to distribute exams at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Students with disabilities and in need of extended time or other accommodations must have their arrangements pre-approved by Jim Wice, Disability Services, and will report to an exam center in Founders. Details will be provided to these students individually in advance by the Disabilities Services Office.

At the Science Center exam center, tables will be set up for students to approach and request their exams. Students should come knowing their course and section number. Students will show a photo ID (please be sure the picture is legible; if not, print out your ID from the on-line Directory or bring a second form of ID such as a driver’s license) to the exam proctor at the table, and the proctor will check the student’s name off on the class list for their course and note the time.

Students then will receive an envelope labeled with their name and their course, with the exam in it after the proctor notes the time on the envelope. Students should pick up blue books from the supply in the exam center if required and allowed (professors will give this information ahead of time). Students will then proceed to one of the nearby rooms designated for taking self‐scheduled exams. All rooms will be appropriately posted and doors will be marked with signs. Separate rooms are set aside for open book and closed book exams.

Once in the room, the student is free to begin taking the exam. There is no proctor in the room during the exam. If the professor has allowed students to consult outside materials during the exam, there will be a pink sticker on the exam envelope indicating the exam is Open Book. Students are responsible for watching their time and taking no more than 2 ½ hours for the exam. When they finish, they should put the exam and the blue book(s) back in the envelope, seal and sign the envelope across the seal, and then proceed back to the exam center to turn in their packet.

Regardless of when they began the exam, all students must stop their work at the end of the specified exam period. As they return to the exam center, the exam proctor at the table will note the return time, check that the student has signed the envelope, and check the student’s name off on the class list as having returned the exam.

In all exam settings, the Honor Code applies: Students must always do their own work, using only those materials allowed by the professor, and taking only the appropriate amount of time.

Spring 2012 Self- Scheduled Exam Planner (write in your classes and exam locations)
May 9
May 10
May 11
May 14
May 15