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Academic Calendar
    views - agenda, printable, 1 year, 5 year
    classes - courses browser
    classroom schedules
    exchange institutions

Curriculum, Courses, Classrooms
- Curriculum -
Online Catalog
    more on the process
CCAP site
    the role of the committee
- Courses -
Courses Browser
    how to submit a correction
    Approved Schedule blocks (color coded doc - move to gdoc?)
Transfer of Credit

- Classrooms -
    general info
    how to request a room
    link to the classroom technology page (LTS)

Exams and SEQs
- Exams -
about self-scheduled examinations (general and policy, honor code)
exam schedule - self and fixed  (google spreadsheet doc in the page)
       faculty submission of exam details for their courses
 exam center and what you need to take an exam (link to Po for valid ID photo)
 faculty pickup times and locations  - link to grading

- SEQs -
about SEQs
link to SEQs
SEQ policies
SEQ info for faculty and chairs

Grades and Degrees

- Grades -
grading scheme
grading policy (2004)
SEQs and release of grades
calculating your GPA (projected GPA calculator)

- Degrees-
degree requirements
degree audit
apply to graduate (info and form)
diploma information - incl. the legend and grading policy, translation
commencement dates (5 years)
order degree verification
order duplicate diplomas


Majors and Honors
- Majors -
thinking about a major
finding a major advisor
declaring a major  (form)
independent majors
changing your major  (guide and form)
calculating your major gpa

- Honors -
general info about major honors
links to curriculum for departmental honors
general info about latin honors
applying for thesis
thesis schedule (years?)
thesis defense info and forms
thesis archive


First year Registration
5W's of Registration  (sub nav? to documentation on Howto/FAQ )
        Including Independent Study and Thesis Registration
        Schedule blocks (color coded doc - move to gdoc?)
Cross Registration - at Wellesley, at Other Institutions
Links - Bookstore

Student Records
About your person record and your right to privacy (appropriate instruction into MyWellesley and Banner self0-service)
          - traditional students vs cross-reg (access to records over time)
How to request a change (name, address, other)
About Academic Records - Transcripts (link to transcripts section)  -- GPA calculation

Transcripts and Diplomas

    general info
    process and timing
    grading policy info
    - current students  (form and status checking)
    - alumnae
   GPA calculation
  Order a new diploma
   Diploma translation to english

Transfer of Credit
   guidelines for transfer of credit and AP credits, including any special exceptions
   catalog of course and their equivilents
  request an equivilency evaluation
  request a transfer of credit (course must have evaluation and be completed?)
  tracking a request 
  submitting a transcript from another institution

general info
order enrollment
order degree
other requests - send email to (with verification in the subject?)