Thesis Schedule for Spring 2017

Friday, March 17 Departments confirm names of students standing for honors in their department, based on a list provided by Registrar's Office to Chair.
TBA Thesis submission process information session in the Computing Classroom on the first floor of Clapp Library, from 4:00-5:00. Come ask questions about the electronic submission process, embargoes, & the institutional repository.
Friday, April 7

Students must submit thesis reviewers through the form with a clear indication of which role each faculty member will serve:

  1. honors advisor
  2. honors visitor
  3. department chair or Chair's designee
  4. additional member of the department
Friday, April 21
Students must submit the thesis document electronically to the College's repository.  Students must also submit any paper copies needed to their department for distribution to oral examination committee members. An example of what the title page should look like can be found here.
Friday, April 21
Embargo request deadline.  Read the policy information section outlined here.
Tuesday, April 25 Electronic repository will distribute copies of thesis to all honors examining committee members.

Friday, May 5
Monday, May 8

Oral examinations normally scheduled for these two business days of the Reading Period.
Friday, May 12

Honors visitor (representing CCAP) must report on results of committee decision to grant honors using this form.

Friday, May 12 Departments submit list of students earning honors by examination to the Registrar.
Monday, May 22

Final edited copy of the thesis due (if edits were required)

Students submit edited document electronically to the college's repository.









Thesis Schedule - General

Below you'll find a general schedule for a spring thesis process.

  • Departments and programs approve all students continuing from 360 to 370. All thesis registration will be handled by the Office of the Registrar.
  • The names of tenured faculty members will be posted as a reference for students.
  • By the due date in April, department chairs/program directors submit the names of all students standing for honors, including students pursuing alternate routes to departmental honors, as mandated by the Articles of Government.  A list of registered 370 students will be sent to chairs, program directors and administrative assistants for verification.
  • By mid-April, the names (and email address, if non-Wellesley) of all members of the student’s thesis examining committee and honors visitor must be submitted by the student through the form.
  • By Noon on thesis due date in April, a PDF of the thesis must be submitted to the electronic repository.  Students also provide sufficient hard copies of thesis to accommodate needs of oral examination committee members.
  • Members of the student’s thesis examining committee will each receive an electronic copy of the thesis from the electronic repository.
  • Oral exams are normally scheduled during business days of the reading period.
  • After the oral exam is complete, the visitor is responsible for completing the electronic "Report of Honors Work" form.
  • Students required to make final edits will submit a final electronic copy of the thesis into the repository by the deadline in late May.


Thesis Responsibilities

  • provide hard copy thesis as determined by her committee members
  • nominating the honors visitor in consultation with her honors advisor
  • submitting the names (and email address if outside Wellesley) of all members of the thesis examining committee through the form
  • submitting a PDF of the thesis to the College's repository no later than the final submission deadline.
  • assisting the student in identifying an honors visitor
  • scheduling the date, time and place of the oral examination
Honors Visitors:
  • completing the "Report of Honors Work" form and submitting it electronically
Department Chair or Admininistrative Assistant:
  • confirming the names of all students standing for honors in the department, including students who are pursuing honors by examination.

Procedure for Selecting Honors Visitors

The honors student, in consultation with the honors advisor, will ask one tenured faculty member from outside the student's major department or program to serve as the honors visitor representing the CCAP.  For interdepartmental theses, the visitor should not reside in the same department/program as the advisor(s) of the honors thesis.  A list of tenured faculty members will be posted here in March.

The honors advisor will continue to be responsible for scheduling the honors oral exam at a time convenient for both the student and the entire examining committee during reading period.

This document is only a partial guide to the Honors process. For a full description, see Articles of Government, Book II, Article IV, Section 2.