Major and Minor Declaration Instructions

This one form serves all students declaring a major(s) and/or minor and seniors confirming their major(s). Many of the fields have drop-down options, so take advantage of them!

Print out your completed form and take it to your major advisor. She/he may wish to talk with you about your course selections, so do not assume that you can just drop the form off in her/his mailbox and pick it up the next day.

Check with the department to find out if they accept electronic submission of the form and their process to do so. Some departments (such as Biology, Chemistry and Psychology) prefer electronic submission of the form.

Students who are counting courses towards their major/minor that were not taken at Wellesley need to get those specific courses approved by the department chair or program director.

Take your signed form to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will not accept incomplete or unsigned forms.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you are declaring two majors, you must complete a separate form for each of them.
  • You cannot count the same course toward two majors.
  • You may declare a) one major, b) two majors, or c) a major and a minor.
Individual Majors

Please see the Individual Major pages for more detailed information regarding an designing an individual major.