Cross-Registration with Brandeis University

Brandeis operates on a different yearly academic calendar than Wellesley College. For accurate dates for the academic year, please consult the Brandeis Academic Calendar. Course selection may be found in the Brandeis Course Bulletin.
Academic Calendars for Exchange Schools (Wellesley, MIT, Babson, Brandeis and Olin) The fall term presents fewer conflicts for Wellesley students than the spring term which, for Brandeis students, begins and finishes a week earlier (with a different vacation schedule). Students must agree to meet classes at the normal time if they desire to participate in the program. Some students may have to return to Wellesley a week earlier in January.

Cross-Registration Process

1.  Complete the on-line Cross-Registration form, accessible here. When you click on the “Submit” button, the form will be sent directly to the Brandeis Registrar’s Office.

2.   The Brandeis Registrar’s Office will receive the form, will register you for the requested course(s), and the Wellesley Registrar’s Office will subsequently inform you of your registration status.

3.   Fill out the on-line Application for Transfer and Summer School Credit Form for each class you plan to take at Brandeis. The on-line form will automatically submit the information and start the process of transfer credit approval.

NOTE: All Brandeis courses must be approved individually for transfer credit and for the major by the relevant Wellesley College academic department, and approval forms must be filed with the Wellesley Registrar, as indicated above. Credit, but no grade, will appear on your Wellesley transcript, and the course(s) will not be computed into your GPA.

The following courses/departments have already been approved and do not require additional approval forms:
Economics 12A - Accounting - no distribution credit
Economics 71 and 141 - SBS distribution
English courses - LL distribution
Fine Arts Courses - ARS distribution
Sociology courses - SBA distribution

Each college reserves the right to close any course or give first priority to its own students where enrollments are limited. Wellesley students may not enroll in either independent study or directed reading courses at Brandeis.

Dropping and Adding Courses

Students who wish to drop a course may do so up to the 40th day of instruction without academic penalty provided that they adhere to the constraints of rate-of-work. In such cases, a program change form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar (Brandeis Bulletin).


By showing your Wellesley ID, you may use the Brandeis libraries on the same basis as Brandeis students.


Parking Officials at Brandeis will honor Wellesley parking decals.