Independent Study Registration

Students must first see the department. Students do not register online for these courses. Departments will submit a list containing student names, IDs, advisors, and course numbers to the Office of the Registrar.

Lists of students taking a fall Independent Study are due from the department by the last day of classes in the previous spring. This ensures that students are registered for the appropriate section before the end of the spring semester. Departments are to send an updated list during add/drop in fall.  If an independent study registration is not showing on your student schedule, please check with the Department prior to contacting the Office of the Registrar. 

As a reminder, students may do no more than two units of 250 and two units of 350 work in any one department. If a student is repeating a 250/350 in the same department, she must have their department clarify that this repeated Independent Study will be covering significantly different course material (to prevent any future confusion relating to degree clearance review).

Students will be able to check their updated schedule online. Note that due to the high volume of Independent Study registrations, schedules may not be updated online for 3-5 business days after department submittal.