Electronic Overrides

Entering Electronic Registration Overrides (aka Banner Overrides)

A Registration Override allows the primary instructor for a course to enter their permission electronically in order to allow a student to register for their course. As such, a registration override can be thought of as an electronic signature that the instructor gives to a specific student in place of a hand written signature that would be required on a paper form.

The Two Types of Overrides

  • Capacity Override: for when the course is full, and the instructor wishes to allow a student to enroll past the course's max cap
  • Department Approval: for when a student is not permitted to self register.
    • When a course requires Permission of Instructor, that means that all students who wish to take the course must obtain Department Approval type overrides before they can self-register via Banner Self-Service.
    • Department Approvals may also be required in cases when a student is prevented from registering for a course due to reserved seats, class restrictions, or major restrictions imposed on the course.

How Registration Overrides Work

A student will contact the instructor seeking the instructor’s approval/signature for admittance to their course. Once the instructor has issued the appropriate registration override(s), the student then must use the online registration system to be included in your course. 

There are two scenarios that will require a student to contact the instructor for a registration override. 

If your course has reached max enrollment, then a student must have the instructor issue a Capacity Override for Student in order to register for that course.  

If you have scheduled your course so that the instructor approval is required to gain admittance to the course then you must issue a registration override. You may also want to issue a Capacity Override for Student to ensure that the student can register for your course even though max enrollment has been reached. Remember that course enrollments fluctuate during the registration and add/drop periods. So even though the student may be contacting you at a time when your class enrollment is not full, you need to keep in mind that by the time the student does try to register for your course your class may be at the max enrollment at the time she attempts to register. If this happens then the student will not be able to register for your course if she only has an override for Department Approval for Student. Once a course has reached max enrollment, then a student must have the Capacity Override for Student in order to register for a course. 

How to Issue an Override

Faculty members may use the online system to enter electronic signatures and to allow students to register for a course even if this means that the maximum capacity for the course has been exceeded. The primary instructor for the course is the only person who is allowed to enter these overrides. Once the overrides are associated with a specific student in a particular course, the student must then add the course to her schedule using the online system. 

  • Log into MyWellesley
    • Faculty tab
    • Banner Self-Service folder
    • Faculty Services folder
    • Registration Overrides link
  • Select the appropriate term from the pull-down list and click on the submit box.  

(Instructor tip: when searching for a student, be sure that the "All" box is checked to insure search results.)

  • Two ways to select the student for whom you wish to enter your electronic signature or permit the capacity override:
    • Enter student's ID in box and click the submit box or
    • Enter student's last name and first name and click the submit box

Once a student's name and ID number is displayed, then you must click on the submit box to confirm that it is the correct student.

An Overrides page appears with a grid that allows the selection of the appropriate override code for the appropriate class using the pull-down arrows:

Override side:                          

The two types of overrides that may be selected are: (both are recommended)                   

-    Department approval (Sig.)

-    Capacity

Class side:                          

Only the classes in which you are the primary instructor will appear.


  • Once the override option and the class have been selected by highlighting the option in the two pull-down menus, click the submit box. A confirmation of the override information will be displayed and the submit box must be clicked one more time to save the override on the student’s record.

  • You will be able to see the student’s schedule below the confirmation screen.
  • If you wish to enter an override for another student, the process is not ideal but we will work to improve it and will update this documentation:
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page, past the student’s schedule, and click the link for  ID Selection. This will bring you to the student selection page and you may enter another student’s ID or name. Once you have confirmed that this is the correct student, click on the Faculty Menu option on the bar at the top of the page and this will bring you back to the list that includes the Registration Overrides option. Click on this option and begin the process again.
  • When you have finished, EXIT from the online system (at the top right of the page) and close your browser.
To see these directions with screen shots, see this handout.