Checking the Status of an Official Transcript Request


Transcript requests are processed within 3-5 days of reciept of both the form and payment.  If necessary, alumnae may submit an email request (see Contact Us) to follow-up. 

Please note, your email will create a request ticket.  Once your request has been processed you will receive a resolution notice from the ticket system.  Simply reply to your original ticket if you have any additional questions or followup information.

Current Students

All current students can check on their transcript requests in MyWellesley.
Login and go to:
  Banner Self-Service
          > Student Services
                 > Student Records
                       >View Status of Transcript Requests 

Please note, only the past 60 days worth of official transcript request dates will be displayed.
Select a date from the Date Ordered drop down list and then click the Submit button.  
Banner Self-Service will now display all official transcripts you ordered on the date you selected. For each transcript you will see the following details: Sent Date, Print Date, Issued To, Course Level, and Number of Copies Ordered.