Annabel Beerel, PhD.

Interim Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life

Contact Information:
Phone: 781.283.2656
Billings 210


The Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life is responsible for coordinating religious and spiritual life at Wellesley College. In this work the Dean does not represent any one religious tradition, but rather oversees religious and spiritual life on campus including religious-specific programs, interreligious understanding, dialogue and conflict transformation with pastoral care; coordinates educational programs on moral, ethical, religious and spiritual issues and leads multi-faith community worship opportunities throughout the year. The Dean also acts as a liaison to religious groups on campus, in the town of Wellesley and in the Greater Boston area and is involved nationally and internationally in issues of religious diversity, dialogue and peacemaking.

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The Religious and Spiritual Life Team

The Religious Life Team is comprised of chaplains and advisors currently representing the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant Christian, Roman Catholic Christian and Unitarian Universalist religious traditions. Together with the Dean and the Assistant to the Dean, this team meets weekly for discussion, prayer/meditation and program planning. Through this collective work the religious life team models a new way of working towards common goals while respecting and celebrating difference and diversity. 

Kotatsu John Bailes

Interim Buddhist Chaplain

Paula Budlong

Assistant to the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life

Sister Nancy Corcoran

Nancy Corcoran

Catholic Chaplain, Director of Newman Ministry

Jennifer Dennis

Hillel Office Manager


Dan Ehrenkrantz

Interim Hillel Director and Rabbi

Vaishali Gupta

Vaishali Gupta

Hindu Chaplain

Kat Hampson

Kat Hampson

Liaison to Evengelical Christian Communities

Donna Matson

Donna Matson

Project Manager

Amy O'Toole

Amy O'Toole

Coordinator of Houghton Chapel and Multifaith Center

Amira Quraishi

Muslim Chaplain

Sarah Robbins-Cole

Protestant Chaplain


Joannah Murphy '09

Unitarian Universalist Chaplain


Images of Wellesley College religious and spiritual life on campus