On Learning and Loving

On Learning and Loving

a prayer for Commencement at Wellesley College 1996


I pray that that through our love of learning, we might also learn to love.

For beyond all of our individual pursuits and personal achievements,
there lies a far greater purpose for our lives and for our learning...
and that purpose is love.

We learn so that we can love...
for our learning has meaning only in as much as it relates to the lives of others.

May our learning enable us to better understand ourselves.

May our learning enable us to better understand others in our lives.

May our learning enable us to better understand the world around us.

And may our learning become our loving...
of self, of other and of this world.

For if our learning or our teaching, is not an expression of our loving,
then it does not emerge from that deep inner place where truth resides.

And so, go now,

and let the learning which you have accomplished here
become the loving that you do in the world.

Victor Kazanjian - 1996

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