David Bernat

Billings 307

David Bernat
Jewish Chaplain

David Bernat (db) fulfills a Rabbinic role for the Jewish student community, and for the campus generally. He is charged with oversight and support in matters of Jewish tradition -- education, ritual and practice, worship, and supervision of Hillel’s kosher kitchen. 
Bernat works in partnership with Patti Sheinman, Hillel Director, in the arena of programming, mentorship, and counseling of students, and as part of the Religious Life Team, in multi-faith, and multi-cultural, activities.

Bernat received a Bachelors in philosophy from the Jewish Theological Seminary and a PhD in Biblical Studies from Brandeis University. His scholarship focuses on ritual, and on violence in sacred text. He is the author of Sign of the Covenant: Circumcision in the Priestly Tradition (Society of Biblical Literature, 2009), and editor (with Jonathan Klawans, BU), of Religion and Violence: The Biblical Heritage (Sheffield, 2007).  Bernat is on the faculty of Hebrew College, where he educates Rabbinic students in a pluralistic setting.

Elisha son of Avuyah used to say:
A person who does good deeds and studies much Torah-
What are they like?
A goblet with a base.
And a person who does no good deeds and studies much Torah-
What are they like?
A goblet without a base, since when the goblet is filled, it flips on its side and all its contents are spilled.  (Avot de Rabbi Natan A 34)