Ji Hyang Padma

Billings 306

Ji Hyang Padma '91
Director of Spirituality and Education, Buddhist Advisor

B.A. Wellesley College, 1991
Bhikkuni Precepts, 1997 (Korean Zen)

Ji Hyang Padma is an American Zen teacher, who has done intensive Zen training as a nun in Korea and North America . She currently serves as the Buddhist Advisor at Wellesley College. In this capacity she provides formal meditation practice, pastoral support and leadership to the college community around spiritual and ethical issues.

Ji Hyang has also served as Abbot of Cambridge Zen Center (the second-largest Zen Center in the United States ), as well as serving as chaplain and a teacher of meditation and physical education at Harvard University and Boston University.

She has served as Coordinator of the Boston Clergy and Religious Leaders Group for Interfaith Dialogue: a city- wide initiative to create community across wisdom traditions.

In spring 2008, Ji Hyang Padma served as a Visiting Fellow at California Institute of Integral Studies, where she taught Contemplative Psychology and provided spiritual counseling.

Ji Hyang Padma especially loves working with students to help them access their own inner resources.  Ji Hyang Padma also teaches this year at Ruah Spirituality Institute, Boston College, UCLA Extension, and UCLA Children's Hospital.


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