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Kelly Stone
Interim Dean of Religious and Spiritual LIfe and Protestant Chaplain

Reverend Kelly J. Stone was appointed as the Interim Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life at Wellesley College in the Fall of 2013.  As a member of Wellesley College’s Religious Life Team, she has served the college as Chaplain, the Director of Multifaith Programs and Associate Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life since arriving at Wellesley in 2011.  Currently her responsibilities encompass the oversight and support of the Religious and Spiritual Life Program for students, staff, faculty, Alumnae, and the Wellesley community.

Dean Stone holds a vision for a Multifaith experience that creates space to explore the depth of individual faith traditions and discover the beauty of a deeply interconnected multifaith community.  At Wellesley College, such a vision is realized by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life through the Religious Life Team of eight chaplains, the Multifaith Student Council and our partner student organizations. 

At Wellesley, Dean Stone directs the interreligious engagement program (Beyond Tolerance) and addresses the spiritual and pastoral needs of the Wellesley community. In addition, she oversees the moments in the multifaith community that are shaped and led by the Religious Life Team and Multifaith Student Council.  These programs are complimented by the Art & Soul program, which celebrates spirituality in all forms of artistic expression through workshops, performances, lectures and gatherings. These programs come together at Wellesley to wholistically engage the individual through a variety of different experiences and mediums. 

The nationally renowned work of The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at Wellesley College continues under the leadership of Dean Stone.  She regularly serves as a consultant to institutions of higher education – inviting them to consider staffing structures, program offerings and designs of multifaith spaces.  This work is the outgrowth of the non-profit Education as Transformation (EasT), based at Wellesley College.  Dean Stone is the Co-Executive Director of EasT, which collaborates with educational institutions to explore the value of religious diversity, providing guidance for utilizing religious diversity as an educational resource. EasT provides schools with education, consultation and publication resources to enhance the role of spirituality and religious diversity in all aspects of a school’s mission, with particular attention to students’ moral and ethical development.

Prior to her tenure at Wellesley, she served as the College Chaplain at Lakeland College in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Having earned her bachelors degree from Elmhurst College and her Masters of Divinity from Yale Divinity School, Interim Dean Stone was then ordained to the ministry of college chaplaincy by the Protestant Christian Denomination, the United Church of Christ. She is a member of the National Association of College and University Chaplains (NACUC), and Association of College and University Religious Affairs (ACURA).  She has served on the Executive Council of NACUC and contributes regularly to the National Work of the United Church of Christ.  



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