Billings 209

Najiba Akbar '03
Muslim Chaplain


Najiba Akbar is a Wellesley alumna from the Class of 2003. At Wellesley, she majored in Peace and Justice Studies, and was an active member of religious life on campus. After leaving Wellesley, she worked in the non-profit world in New York City, and subsequently rediscovered her passion for counseling and social work. She then studied at the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, and received her MSW in 2007 with a focus on Children and Families.
On campus, Najiba serves as the advisor to Muslim students and to Al-Muslimat, as well as advisor to the Multi-Faith Living and Learning Community (MFLLC) in Munger. In addition to her role at Wellesley, Najiba also serves as the coordinator of the Pathways Interfaith Initiative at Tufts University, which seeks to develop new models for interfaith dialogue on the college campus. In addition, Najiba works as a community organizer with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization and the Muslim American Society of Boston. Najiba is a native of Queens, New York, and currently lives in Somerville with her husband, Bilal Kaleem.