Billings 306

Vaishali Gupta
Hindu Chaplain

Vaishali was born and brought up in Bombay, India in a modern Hindu family. She grew up in a multicultural township and was exposed to the diverse practices followed within the Hindu religion and other religions. She studied and practiced as an Architect in Mumbai and Bangalore working on diverse institutional award winning projects, She moved to Massachusetts USA with her family in 2005 and believes in trying to integrate Hindu beliefs while taking a broader multi-faith view. Holistic living and nutrition are her long standing passions and she is currently enrolled with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City training to become a holistic health counselor. She brings a deep understanding of diversity within the Hindu community to the RLT and is excited to be a facilitator to a very diverse Hindu student group. 

Personal Notes:

I enjoy hanging out with my kids and cooking wholesome food for my friends and family. I love to swim and do Yoga and try to lead a well balanced life. I consider it a great privilege to work with Wellesley students and look forward to facilitating and participating in the Religious life programs.