Sand Mandala created by the Keydong Nuns at Wellesley College
Keydong Nuns creating the sand Mandala
Closeup of the sand Mandala

Previous events

  • Weekly Meditation Sessions
  • Introductory Classes
  • Field Trips for MIT, the Kurukalla Center, Shambala Center, and other college events
  • Celebrations
  • Off-campus Retreats
  • Circles of Healing, Circles of Peace: a sand particle mandala created by Tibetan nuns at the Davis Museum and Houghton Chapel
  • Open Heart, Open Mind. Tsoknyi Rinpoche
  • Making Change, A wisdom teaching Grandmothers Rita and Beatrice Long-Visitor Holy Dance, and Grandmother Mona
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Orgyen Chowyang Rinpoche
  • Faculty Music Jam
  • Voices of our Ancestors: Lakota stories and song
  • The poet Mary Oliver
  • Writing and Tactics in Burma: A Conversation with Ma Thida
  • Vipassana in a Burmese Prison
  • Universal Sounds of Love: Nawang Khechong
  • Lama Tsultrim Allione, The Great Mother Prajna Paramita and Sky-like Mind: An Introduction to the Wisdom Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Brett Bevell, America Needs a Woman President and Ifeanyi Menkiti, Of Altair, the Bright Light
  • Dharma Talk/ booksigning with Lama John Makransky
  • Divine Feminine in HINDU and BUDDHIST tradition
  • Visit of Zen Master Soeng Hyang (Barbara Rhodes)
  • Visit of Geshe Tsulga, Guiding Teacher of the Kurukulla Center
  • Zen and Creativity Retreat Weekend at Temenos
  • Dr. Hyun- Kyung Chung, on Asian Feminist Theology
  • Awakening to Freedom: Linking Spirit Across Differences with Hilda Ryumon Gutierrez Baldoquin
  • Jess Row: Master Uisang's Poetry Mandala
  • Three Deep Breaths