Vaishali Gupta

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Vaishali Gupta
Hindu Chaplain

Vaishali was born and raised in India in a modern Hindu family. She grew up in a unique environment in a very diverse community in Mumbai that was a home to people from all over India. She was exposed to many diverse traditions and practices that fall under the umbrella of Hinduism and also to all the other Religions like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism that are practiced in India.
She studied Architecture and practiced as an Architect in Mumbai and Bangalore for 10 years working on award winning, environmentally conscious building projects. She and her husband decided to move to the USA in 2005 in order to explore different cultures and expand their horizons and have lived here since then.
Leading a conscious, balanced, Holistic life is her passion. She is a Reiki master, certified holistic health counselor and loves to help others lead a healthy fulfilling life. She also loves to cook, take long nature walks and meditate