Code of Conduct

Code for Religious Organizations on the Wellesley College Campus

1. Group Registration at the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

All religious groups and organizations or persons representing religious or spiritual traditions, groups and organizations wishing to be active on the Wellesley College campus are to be registered at the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. Religious groups or organizations wishing to be active on campus must have a student sponsor for their activities. Applications for registration are available in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Billings 207, and are considered by the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life.

Registration involves a commitment on the part of individuals, students and advisors to abide by Wellesley College's policies, including: postering, use of college space, and harassment as contained in the honor code (see below). Registered groups are asked to complete the above mentioned registration form indicating their purpose and goals for being on campus and the name (s) of people with whom the Dean can be in contact. Groups will be asked to update registration information annually.

2. Sponsorship

Religious groups or organizations representing particular religions, denominations, national or international organizations or particular non-congregationally specific constituencies (i.e. cultural or ethnically identified groups) may apply for sponsorship from the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.

Sponsorship enables a religious group or organization to worship and meet regularly on campus in college space, become a part of the Religious Life program, receive support from the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, become an official student organization and, therefore, apply for SOFC funding.

3. Postering and Publicity

All religious groups or organizations must register at the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life before publicizing their events on campus. Posters and other methods of publicity are subject to Student Government guidelines which include: indicating the name of the sponsoring group and the name and number of a Wellesley student contact person. Deceptive or misleading information on posters is a violation of this code.

4. Use of College Space

Only sponsored religious groups may regularly use college space for meetings and worship. Room reservations must be made through the Office of Special Events and approved by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. Registered groups may meet occasionally in college space but are expected to gather regularly in space provided by their sponsoring congregation/organization.

5. Honor Code

All persons associated with religious groups and organizations are expected to abide by the Wellesley College’s policies regarding the publicizing of events and programs and the honor code's definition of harassment. Harassment may be considered to include:

a) any patterns of pursuit, conversationally or physically (e.g. knocking on dorm doors, approaching people in public spaces) with the intent of recruiting someone for membership in a religious group without an initial request for information from the person herself,

b) any attempt to induce someone to drop a religious affiliation in favor of another.

6. Religious Advisors

Religious Advisors serving on the Wellesley College campus must be registered with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life supports the work of all religious advisors by offering administrative support and serving as a communications link with the College community. Religious Advisors are accountable to the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life for the upholding of this code of conduct for religious organizations. Religious advisors at Wellesley are expected to uphold the principles pertaining to issues of confidentiality within a pastoral relationship. Religious Advisors are asked to gather each semester with the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life to reflect on campus life and issues pertaining to the religious and spiritual well-being of the College community.

(first drafted in 1985 by members of the religious organizations at Wellesley College ~ third revision May 7, 1997)

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