What is Al-Muslimat?

Al-Muslimat is a student organization that seeks to serve the social, spiritual, and religious needs of Muslim women at Wellesley. Women from all backgrounds, traditions and levels of religious practice are welcome.

Who are the women of Al-Muslimat?

Al-Muslimat members come from a wide variety of countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Al-Muslimat is open to anyone who has an interest in Islam. Al-Muslimat has an executive board of about 15 members and a general body. Executive Board officers are nominated and elected each year in April. The board meets weekly to plan events and programs. Executive board and general body meetings are open to the entire Wellesley community.

What does Al-Muslimat do?

Al-Muslimat offers a wide variety of programming on campus including lectures, discussions and social events. Major events each year include "Chaand Raat," a cultural celebration of Eid in late October, and "Understanding Islam Week" each spring.

How do I get involved with Al-Muslimat?

Al-Muslimat meets every Thursday night at 8 PM in the Prayer Room in the basement of Houghton Chapel, or the Multifaith Center. Al-Muslimat also supports an active Facebook Page and a website.