Wellesley’s many religious organizations allow students to maintain their religious and spiritual traditions, or explore new ones, in a supportive community setting.

2016 Religious Student Groups

Al-Muslimat is a student-run organization for the Muslim Women of Wellesley College. Al-Muslimat, which means "The Muslim Women," was established in 1992, and has since been providing Islamic support services for women from various countries, traditions, cultures, and backgrounds. In addition to supporting Muslim women, Al-Muslimat promotes an understanding of Islam and issues related to Islam throughout the Wellesley College community.


Weekly Meeting: Mondays, 7:30-8:30pm, Multifaith Prayer Room

Student Leader: Julide Iye, jiye@wellesley.edu

Advisor: Amira Quraishi, aquraish@wellesley.edu

Asian Baptist Student Koinonia (ABSK) is a community of Christians committed to fellowship with Jesus Christ and one other. Our goal is for others to come to know the love of God that we share. We meet every Friday for Bible Study, but we also love to cook, take trips, and share our lives together. Whether you're a Christian wanting to grow or simply want to know more about life, we invite you to come join us...you don't have to be Asian or Baptist!


Weekly Meeting: Thursdays, 7 pm, Lulu Wang Campus Center 413

Student Leader: Christine Kang (ckang2@wellesley.edu), and Jamie Chung (jchung15@wellesley.edu)

Advisor: Emily Chin

Black Women’s Ministry aims to spiritually nourish its members and foster belonging and siblinghood on Wellesley's campus. Ministry members participate in weekly bible studies, community service, on and off-campus social events, go to church together, and attend gospel concerts and conferences together.


Student Leaders: Christina Phelps, cphelps2@wellesley.edu, Natalie Mendenhall, nmendenh@wellesley.edu

Advisor: Tracey Cameron, tcameron@wellesley.edu

Newman Catholic Ministry The Wellesley College Newman Catholic Community seeks to foster an environment that strengthens one’s spirituality and understanding of the Roman Catholic Church.  Embracing Cardinal Newman’s ideology that intellect and spirit go hand in hand, the Newman Catholic Community  hopes to become  living witnesses as educated, passionate, and faithful Catholic leaders.  Respecting the dignity of every person, The Newman Catholic Community  challenges one another to “love your neighbor as yourself.”


Weekly Meeting: Sundays, Catholic Mass at 4pm, Houghton Chapel

Student Leader: Katherine Aoki, kaoki@wellesley.edu

Advisor: Emily Jendzejec, ejendzej@wellesley.edu

Cru Wellesley Christian Fellowship (Cru) The purpose of Cru Wellesley Christian Fellowship is to create a safe space where all students can come and explore the person of Jesus Christ in the context of Christian community. We meet in weekly Bible studies, host social events each month, participate in Cru Boston activities and events, connect Wellesley students with local churches, and encourage friendships amongst both Christian women and those who are exploring questions of faith. This organization also aims to aid Christians in their spiritual growth and to teach members how to articulate their faith. We also work closely with the Cru Boston Metro Ministry.


Student Leader: Liku Abera, labera@wellesley.edu

Advisor: Jena Glasscock, jena.glasscock@CRU.org

Darshana is Wellesley's Hindu student organization and provides a great sense of community for many Hindu students. Darshana gathers weekly for prayer and discussion and to study the Bhagvad Gita, a famous Hindu text. In addition, Darshana holds campus wide celebrations of holidays, such as Diwali and Holi, and meets with other colleges in the Boston area once a semester for retreats, conferences, and temple-trips. All who are curious about Hinduism are more than welcome to join.


Weekly Meeting: Sundays, 11-1 pm, Multifaith Center Meditation Room

Student Leader: Priyanka Ram, pram@wellesley.edu

Advisor: Shrestha Singh, ssingh3@wellesley.edu

Hillel is a student organization dedicated to exploring, celebrating, and educating about all elements of Jewish life- cultural, spiritual, social, and religious. We host weekly Kabbalat Shabbat services and dinners, holiday services and celebrations, lectures, film screenings, mixers, and much much more!


Weekly Meeting: Fridays, 6 pm, Multifaith Center Gathering Roo,

Student Leader: Aviva Feldman, afeldma3@wellesley.edu and Chelsea Roston, croston@wellesley.edu

Advisor: Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman, aberkma2@wellesley.edu

Latter-Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) supports Wellesley College students who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The group provides a space where members of the Church can learn and worship together as well as strengthen each other in faith. As a family, LDSSA holds weekly Family Home Evening, hosts on-campus institute, travels together to a YSA ward in Cambridge, and fellowship and has fun as a Wellesley group and with other Boston Mormons.


Student Leaders: Katie LaBarge, klabarge@wellesley.edu

Wellesley Pagan Student Association is a student organization dedicated to the education and celebration of Pagan religions. We host small gatherings to discuss Pagan faith issues and mark the seasons throughout the semester.


Student Leader: Kat Kaisla, pagansofwellesley@gmail.com

Advisor: Joanna Lubkin, jlubkin@wellesley.edu

Sophia's Table: Protestant Gathering is an inclusive, ecumenical, weekly Christian worship and community experience open to all. A short liturgy of prayer, scripture, and discussion is offered by the chaplain or a member of the group. Come because you are hungry for spiritual nourishment…and be surprised by how you are fed at our table!


Weekly Meeting: Wednesday, 5-7 pm, Multifaith Center and Sunday Evening Praise and Worship, 6 pm - 7 pm

Student Leader: Cali Stenson, cstenson@wellesley.edu

Advisor: Sarah Robbins-Cole, srobbin3@wellesley.edu

Symphony Family Group connects students to  Symphony Church in Boston  and hosts weekly Sunday  services, family group, and Friday night college worship. Symphony also hosts other activities such as retreats and hangouts throughout the year. Our vision is to be an authentic, grace-filled, prayer driven, Scripture based community within Boston and on campus.


Weekly Meeting: Wednesday nights, 7-9 pm in Munger 236

Student Leader:Mina Oh, moh2@wellesley.edu

Advisor: Helen Soh, helenjsoh@gmail.com

Unitarian Universalist Community is a space for seekers of all kinds, including those who are spiritual but not religious, those who come from faiths other than Unitarian Universalism, those who are life-long UUs, and those who are just curious about what UUism is! Wellesley College Unitarian Universalist Community  believes in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and gathers to feel a part of a community, to restore members’ spirits, and to take care of ourselves and one another. The community meets weekly for worship and discussion and also hosts events such as an annual pomander-making event. All are welcome to every gathering.


Weekly Meeting: Tuesdays, 4:15 pm, Multifaith Center

Advisor: Joanna Lubkin, jlubkin@wellesley.edu

The Wellesley Word is a small Bible discussion group connected to the Boston Church of Christ. It is led by Wellesley College students with the purpose of exploring how principles of the Bible can be applied to our daily lives. The discussion would begin with an opening ice-breaker question, then continue with an introduction of a discussion topic based on a Bible verse for approximately 15-20 minutes, finally followed by open dialogue with whoever would like to participate or simply listen. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds, experiences and beliefs.


Student Leader: Rachel Wulff, rwulff@wellesley.edu

Advisor: Olivia Graham, oliviafrances4314@gmail.com