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Upcoming Events 

12/16 - 12/19 Hanukkah Candle Lighting.  5pm.  Hillel Lounge.


PAST EVENTS 2014-2015

October 8th, Lunch and decorating in the Sukkah, Houghton Chapel Lawn.  12pm.  RSVP to Patti Sheinman at psheinma

Ocotber 8th, Jewshi.  Sushi making and eating with David Bernat, Hillel Lounge at 6pm.  Please RSVP to dbernat

October 14th, Pizza in the Hut.  8pm in the Sukkah

October 15th, Campus Comunnity Sukkot Celebration.  12:30 in the Sukkah.  Rain location is the MFC.  This is sponsored by Hillel and the Multifaith Council.

October 19th, 1-3pm.  Blank walls and bagels!  Meet artist Diana Gilon and brainstorm mural ideas.  Hillel Lounge.

October 19th, 8:30pm.  A Sunday Sundae Party in the Hillel Lounge. Come enjoy ice cream!


Join me for a livestream veiwing of Shimon Perez's speech at Colgate this Saturday at 6 pm in the Hillel Lounge. There will be smoothies and snacks!

October 26th, Klezmer Music with The Kadima Band, Houghton Chapel, 7pm.  Tickets are free.

10/31/14, Torah Study with David Bernat, 12:30, Hillel Lounge.  Kosher Lunch provided.

10/31/14, Challahween Shabbat at Babson

11/2, Film screen of "Re-emerging".  4-6pm Collin's Cinema.  Discussion afterwards with catered Motti in Collins Cafe.

11/13/14  Big/Little Preferences are due

11/14/14  A Fishbein/Yavner Shabbat

11/16/14  Big/Little Bagel & Lox Brunch and mural painting

11/18/14  Dinner and Dialogue

12/1/14  Farewell to Patti & David

12/5/14  Shabbat at Olin College

12/7/14  Latke Making with Dean Tenser

12/9 Hanukkah Party, Hillel Lounge

12/12  Finals Final Shabbat, MFC & Hillel Lounge


Friday, August 29th

 Schmoozing—Hillel lounge, Billings 5:30-6pm

Shabbat Services—MultiFaith Center (MFC)  6:oo – 7:00pm  followed by a

Shabbat dinner-  Hillel lounge, Billings 300

Sunday, August 31st

10:30am-- Meet, Greet and Eat with Hillel

Come join us for breakfast in Pomeroy dining hall

Meet current student leaders and Shoshana GIbbor, IACT Coordinator




Fall High Holidays

Please click HERE for the 2014 High Holidays schedule. For Synagogues off campus, click HERE.  Please contact our office for additional details.  




Weekly Friday night Shabbat Services & Dinner
6:00pm services in the Multifaith Center
7:00pm dinner in Hillel Lounge, 3rd floor, Billings.

Please click here for the '14-'15 Shabbat schedule.



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