Shalom! Here at Wellesley we have a vibrant Jewish community with many ways to engage our hearts, minds, and souls.

We come together for communal Shabbat and holiday celebrations, Jewish learning, cultural events, and to connect with the wider Jewish community. We invite you to join us at one of our upcoming events! Please be in touch with Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman with any questions. 781-283-2687

2017 Spring Events

Events are subject to change.


27: Welcome Back Shabbat - Hot Chocolate Bar
29: Welcome Back Bagel Brunch



1: Eser Lunch and Learn 
: Israeli Shabbat with winter Birthright participants reflecting on their experiences
5: Bagel Brunch
10: Avi Shabbat in cooperation with Al-Muslimat
12: Birthright service project with JFCS (open to all)
15: Eser Lunch and Learn
17: Shabbat - Hummus tasting
19: Ice skating
21: Keith’s cooking class - Challah baking
24: Shabbat - Sushi
26: Bagel Brunch



1: Jewish Community Luncheon for Faculty, Staff, and Students
3: Shabbat
5: Superbowl Bagel Brunch
8: Eser Lunch and Learn
10: Shabbat - Spa-bbat (Spa night)
11and 12: Purim party/Megillah reading/Purim Seudah
14: Keith’s cooking class - Asian style
17: Shabbat
19: Tour and Educational Program at Mayyim Hayyim Mikveh and Educational Center
22: Eser Lunch and Learn
24: Shabbat



2: Bagel Brunch
5: Eser Lunch and Learn
7: Shabbat - Chocolate seder
9: Cookies and milk social/burning chametz - In Lulu and use fire pit
10: Home hospitality for first seder
11-19: Passover Co-op
11: Communal Seder
14: Passover Shabbat
21: Russian Shabbat
23: Panel: L’Dor v’Dor: Jewish Life at Wellesley through the Decades (date tentative)
24: Yom HaShoah event (lunchtime)
28: Shabbat - LGBTQ+ Shabbat
30: Trampoline event



1: Evening Yom HaZikaron observance
2: Yom Haatsmaut
5: Shabbat - Cupcake decorating w/ board games
12: Last Shabbat of the year