The weather at Wellesley is typical of New England.  We have four distinct seasons – fall, winter, spring and summer. 

Some of you may come from regions of the world that have similar climate, but others of you may experience changing leaves or snow falling for the first time.

If this is the case, here are some notes for you. Sometimes, the cold weather can arrive quite unexpectedly.  The weather can be variable and unpredictable throughout the year. One day it may feel cold, and the next day it may feel warm.  It’s not uncommon for the temperature to jump from 35 F to 75 F (1 C to 24 C) in one day. It’s a good idea to bring warm outerwear, winter coat, waterproof boots, and layers so that you’ll be prepared for wind, rain, snow and cold.

Winter usually starts around mid-November and stays until late March (and often times into April!- We, in fact, are in the northeast!).  The coldest months are January and February (but have differed nowadays with the climate changes).  The beginning of spring makes everyone feel happier, of course, but we each have our favorite seasons.

And not to mention, where you’re living – Wellesley College – is by far one of the most beautiful campuses in the world for all seasons. For a glimpse of this spectacular campus, click here!