Hall Fines

Res Hall Fines
Extra Cleaning Charge (Room in Disarray) $25/hour
Missing Furniture Cost of Replacement
Damage to Room/Furniture Cost of Repair
College Property Found in Room $10/item
Failure to Turn in Room Key $30
Tampering with Door Lock or Closure Mechanism Cost of Repair
Failure to Reassemble Furniture/Flip Bed $25
Large Items Abandoned in Room $50 (Removal Cost)
Removal of Recycling Bins from Student Room $10
Failure to Vacate Room on Time $50
Illegally Stored Items in Res Hall Storage Area* $50/item
Tampering/Disabled/Damaged Smoke Detector $250
Open Flames, Candles or Burning Incense in Rooms $100
Blocking Fire Exits $250

Use of Prohibited Appliances (Halogen Lamps, 5 Headed Lamps, Rice Cookers, Coffee Pots, Microwaves, Hot Pots)

Unsupervised Cooking or Unsupervised Use of Electric Kettles / Hot Pots $50
Intentional or Malicious Setting Off of Fire Alarm $500
Disturbing Quiet Hours (After Warning) $25 minimum fine/occupant of room
Violation of Overnight Guest Policy $50/night
Unescorted Guests (Illegal Entry into Hall) $50 minimum
Unexcused Absence from Mandatory All-Floor Meeting $50
Unexcused Absence from Mandatory All-House Meeting $50
Illegal Pets $100 minimum
Items Left in Hallway (After Warning) $10/item
Smoking Tobacco of Any Kind in Cigarette or Hookah $25/1st Violation**
Alcohol in Common Space $25/item

* Items left outside of storage room will be thrown away.

** Students who violate the Residential Hall Smoking Policy by smoking within 25 feet of any residential building will receive a $25 fine upon the first violation.  Upon subsequent violations, the fine will increase incrementally by $10 per violation (that is $35 for the second violation, $45 for the third, etc.).  After three (3) violations, the students will be sent to Residence Judiciary.