Guest & Pet Policies

Student with pet bunny

Guest Policy

A maximum of three overnight guests are allowed with permission of your roommate(s).  You may have an overnight guest(s) for three nights within a week time period which begins each Monday.

Pet Policy

In residence halls that allow pets, students are permitted to have the following pets:  small birds (parakeet, canary), goldfish (or other tiny tropical fish) and small rodents.  Dogs, cats and reptiles are not allowed as pets by students.

The pet policy in Fall of 2010 and includes three different designations: 

1. halls that do not allow pets of any type;

2. halls that have designated pet friendly floors where a vote is not required to have a pet;

3. floors in halls that allow pets and are not designated as pet friendly may conduct a unanimous and anonymous vote on pets prior to their arrival.  

Halls that do not allow pets of any type:

  • Bates
  • Cazenove
  • Claflin
  • Dower

The pet friendly floors are (no vote required):

  • Beebe – 1st and 2nd floor Alley
  • Davis – Ground floor
  • Freeman – 1st and 2nd floors
  • Lake House – 2nd floor
  • McAfee – 1st floor
  • Munger – 1st floor east
  • Pomeroy – 4th floor
  • Severance – 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor Crows Nest
  • Shafer – 1st and 2nd floor Alley
  • Tower – 6th floor


Important Dates: Spring 2012

March 19-23
Spring Break

May 15
Final Exams

May 17
Res Halls close for classes of 2013, 2014, 2015

May 26
Res Halls close for the class of 2012


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