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Our mission is to share and model a commitment to the education of students through our roles as administrators, teachers, and mentors.

We are administrators, teachers, and mentors of Wellesley students, and we work with 88 student staff members to bring our philosophy to life and build strong communities within each residence hall.

As administrators, teachers, and mentors we:

  • Foster inclusive learning communities where each member contributes unique history, culture, perspective, talents, and and creativity, and where each member appreciates the contributions of other community members.
  • Challenge students to think critically and reflect upon the many aspects of their lives in moving from one stage to another.
  • Model all of the above in our own lives and in our work with each other.
  • Stacie Allen

    Stacie Allen has been the resident director of Bates and Claflin halls, and is now the area coordinator to Bates, McAfee, Homestead, and Cedar Lodge.


    Sarah Cooper

    Sarah Cooper has been the resident director of Severance since the fall of 2004.

  • Sherman Cowan

    Sherman Cowan has served as a resident director for Cazenove Hall, McAfee Hall, and now Claflin.

  • ShaQuan Davis Read

    Prior to becoming an area coordinator, ShaQuan Davis Read was the resident director of Munger Hall.

  • Erin Doherty

    Erin Doherty has been an area coordinator since 2009, and loves living on campus with her family.

  • Kristen Ferrante

  • Don Leach

    Assistant Resident Director Don Leach studied religion and is an ordained member of the clergy.

  • Kris Niendorf

    Kris Niendorf arrived at Wellesley College in January 2001, and is in her 26th year of working in residence life. Kris is passionate about student learning and development.

  • Paula Queenan

    Paula Queenan has been the resident director of Pomeroy since fall 1999, and of Cazenove since 2008.

  • Jessica Sprague

  • Meghan Todd

    Area Coordinator Meghan Todd has a special interest in disability rights.




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