Residential Life Philosophy

Our mission is to share and model a commitment to the education of students through our roles as administrators, teachers, and mentors of Wellesley students.

The operations of the Residential Life team are grounded in two related theoretical assertions: that individuals grow and change over time and that healthy growth is fostered by supportive community. Our professional team utilizes theories of student development to form the basis of the Residential Life department mission. We support, encourage, and serve as non-peer resources so that students may safely challenge their own limitations and fears.

As administrators, teachers, and mentors we:

  • Foster inclusive learning communities where each member contributes unique history, culture, perspective, talents, and and creativity, and where each member appreciates the contributions of other community members.
  • Challenge students to think critically and reflect upon the many aspects of their lives in moving from one stage to another.
  • Model all of the above in our own lives and in our work with each other.

Eighty-eight student staff members—the resident assistants, residence managers, and house presidents—assist the professional staff. Together we provide the comfort and structure that allows residential life to flourish.

The Residential Life team also works to build strong communities within each residence hall. A strong community is a place that practices hospitality, holds all members to the same standard of accountability, and develops a trusting and respectful space that celebrates its members. Living in a community establishes a model of civic responsibility within the Wellesley community. The staff and students work together to create an environment where learning can occur.

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