The first week of summer housing (May 31st) is extremely limited and priority will be given to Summer Science and Social Science Research participants and registered Summer Session 1 students.

Transition to Summer Housing Information:

  •  Preference for housing for the first week will be given to registered Summer Session 1 students and Summer Science and Social Science Research participants who register for housing by April 17th.
  • If you are registered for Summer Session 1, and later drop the class you will no longer be eligible for the week of June 2nd housing.
  • All summer housing students who have been given permission by Residential Life to remain in their ’14-’15 academic-year rooms must vacate their spring rooms by noon on Sunday, May 31st. Keys will be available at the Bates bell desk from 9am to 2pm. Summer Housing will be available from Monday, June 8th until Saturday, August 8th in Bates and Freeman. These are carpeted residence halls.

Summer Housing Information:

  • On Monday June 8th, after Reunion,  Freeman will be available for Summer Housing.
  • No student may enter summer housing after the week of July 26th.
  • All Summer Housing students must vacate their rooms and leave campus no later than 5pm on Saturday August 8th with the exception of a few students granted extensions due to their summer program.  All Summer Housing residence halls will  close at 5:00pm on Saturday August 8th. If you are approved to return early your name must appear on an early return roster. Otherwise, you may return when all residence halls open for fall semester on Saturday, August 29th at 9:00 am.
  • Every effort will be made to assign those students who have registered for Summer Housing in its entirety to their fall academic room. This cannot be guaranteed.

* Single rooms will be assigned as singles and double rooms will be assigned as doubles.Priority for singles will go to 2016's, 2017's. 

General Information: 

  • Eligible registered Wellesley College Summer Session students, Wellesley College students and non-Wellesley grant recipients are eligible for Summer Housing.You must be in good financial standing with the college. 2015 graduates will not be eligible for summer housing unless they have secured an on campus summer job.  Wellesley students on a conditional leave of absence must have written permission from their Class Dean to register for Summer Housing
  • Summer Housing will be pet free, no pets will be allowed in the residence halls.
  • Students’ working for Reunion should contact the Alumnae Office directly regarding Housing.
  • Residence hall storage will NOT be accessible over the summer so please pack accordingly.
  • Guests may stay overnight for a maximum of three consecutive days within one week beginning on Monday.
  • Meals are not included in rent, however communal kitchens are available. Students use this space at their own risk. Dining options will be posted on the Dining Services website.
  • Residential Life staff will be on duty and on-call throughout the summer.
  • The official billing week runs from Sunday through Saturday, and minimum stay is one week with no partial billing. Week 1 runs from Sunday to Sunday with no partial billing. Week 2 runs from Monday to Saturday with no partial billing.

Student Housing  along with other administrative offices use the Google Group Summer Housing as a means to communicate important information.  This is also a forum for you to communicate with one another. Please monitor this Google Group regularly.


  • Rent is $150 per week per person, regardless of occupancy and can be paid directly to the Controller’s Office in Green Hall. Rent will be posted directly to your student account.
  • Failure to give a full week’s notice in writing to the Housing Office when changing occupancy dates will result in a $150 fee. Dates of occupancy must be made known at the time of registration. Students who are only registered for Summer School Session housing are subject to the Summer School refund schedule.
  • Students will be billed for the entire length of stay for which they register. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Housing Office directly of any changes to start or end dates.
  • Please see the 2015Summer Housing Rates for more information.

You may register by completing the Summer Housing  Registration Form.

Questions? Email