Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Disclosure form

The Conflict of Interest Disclosure form is completed annually by all authorized signers at Wellesley College, whether or not an authorized signer has a possible conflict to report. A conflict of interest exists when an employee is in a position to benefit personally, directly or indirectly, from his or her dealings with an entity or person conducting business with the College. Please see pages 5 & 6 of the Business Conduct Policy Manual for more information on possible conflicts of interest. 

The form is completed electronically using Banner Self Service under the heading Employee Services. Responses may be modified by the employee at any time during the year if there are any changes. Risk Management oversees the process and the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer reviews the responses and takes action as necessary. 

No financial transactions (i.e. invoices, check requests, travel expense reports, etc.) may be processed without the proper Conflict of Interest Disclosure statement on file.

See detailed instructions on completing the Conflict of Interest Disclosure form.


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