Vehicle Safety Program

Vehicle Safety Guidelines

The Office of Risk Management and Compliance created a Vehicle Safety Guidelines document to assist employees and students driving on Wellesley College business or sponsored activities. This is a "best practices" document. Therefore, the guidelines serve as recommendations to promote driver safety and to decrease the number of vehicle accidents involving Wellesley College drivers. 

Additionally, the Office of Risk Management and Compliance created an Unregistered Motorized Vehicle Safety Guidelines document. Unregistered motorized vehicles include golf carts and other 3 or 4 wheeled cart-type vehicles that are powered by electric or internal combustion engines. The only students permitted to operate unregistered motorized vehicles are student employees with supervisor permission. Student employees who drive golf carts in the course of Wellesley College business should read the guidelines, view the related PowerPoint presentation and then sign the Training Acknowledgment Form found at the end of the Safety Guidelines document.

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Types of Vehicles

Below are a number of possible scenarios for student drivers on Wellesley College business or other College sponsored activities. Please click on the headings below to learn how to report a motor vehicle incident correctly and the corresponding insurance coverage.

If you are a Wellesley College student driving...