Personal Vehicle

Accident Reporting Procedure

If you are involved in an accident while using your personal vehicle for College sponsored activities, please follow the steps below:

  • Make sure that you are safely out of traffic. If you are unable to move the vehicle out of traffic, get out of the vehicle safely and wait in a safe location. If you are injured, do not move. Ask someone else to call an ambulance.
  • Exchange vehicle information with the other driver - name, address, license number, plate number, year, make, model of car, name of Insurance Company.
  • If necessary, contact the local police or ask someone else to do so.
  • Contact Campus Police at x2121. State your exact location. If you are near campus and uninjured, they will dispatch Motor Pool to pick you up. If, due to injury, you are unable to call, tell the police or ambulance that you are from Wellesley College and ask them to contact Campus Police.
  • A report must be filed with the town/city in which the accident occurred and with Campus Police. Campus Police can assist you with this process.

A student driving her own car to and from College sponsored activities is financially responsible for damage to both her own vehicle and any damage she may cause. In certain situations, the College's excess liability insurance may apply.

Note: A student involved in an accident using her own automobile for College sponsored activities will not be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket deductible expense to repair her automobile.