E-Form Application

We are pleased to announce that the 21st Ruhlman Conference will be held on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017! The Ruhlman Conference celebrates student achievement on campus, including research, creative work, and artistic performance.  The various presentation formats are described on the Ruhlman website



●     January 11:     Ruhlman Application Open at noon.

●     February 10:  Ruhlman Application Submission Deadline at noon.

●     February 17:  Advisor Application Review due at noon.

●     March 24:        Poster Presentation deadline, email due at noon.

●     April 26:  Ruhlman Conference



●  Ask advisor to review application and submit by noon on February 10th. (MyWellesley>Administravia>Especially for Students>Ruhlman Application).

●     Poster Presentation deadline due March 24, 2017 at noon. Your advisor must review your abstract and be copied on the application email submited directly to . Be sure to include your name, class year, advisor’s name and department, and abstract with a title.

●     Important: Due to scheduling constraints, students may take part in a maximum of one primary/individual presentation and one class/group presentation.

●     If you have a preferred name that is not on the college directory please email name preference to at application time (February 10th)



●     If you are interested in holding a class-related presentation, please start planning and/or gauging student interest at this time.

●     If your students decide that they would like to present at Ruhlman, designate a student leader who will submit a finalized abstract, title, and media needs on behalf of the group.

●     Application submission deadline will be February 10th

●     If you have agreed to be an advisor please make sure to review the abstract carefully and make corrections in the system, as your name will also be listed with the abstract.

●     Advisor approval is due on Friday, February 17th at noon. Review application by going to MyWellesley>Administravia>Especially for Faculty>Ruhlman Application. (PLEASE make sure to 1. “submit” within the application, 2. Click accept or reject and, 3. “submit” at bottom of  application system page.


All Ruhlman participants are eligible to enter the The Jacqueline Fowler '49 Public Speaking Prize. The competition which will take place in two rounds: in the first round, participants will submit a 3-minute video presentation of an abstract of their Ruhlman project, intended for an interested non-expert audience.  You will be notified when the video is due via email. Based on those videos, five finalists will be selected.  The judging of the final round will be based on the finalists' actual Ruhlman presentations, which will be designated in the program and scheduled so that the judges can attend all of them.  If you are interested in participating in this competition, there will be a place to indicate your interest on the Ruhlman application.  The winner will be announced and the prize will be awarded at the reception at the end of the day.

Please send any questions or comments to, or Beth Robichaud, Assistant Director of Academic Conferences at We look forward to your participation in this celebration of student achievement!