Schedule of Events

Barbara Peterson Ruhlman '54

Welcome to the 21st Ruhlman Conference held on April 26, 2017. Presentations regarding Humanities, Science & Technology, and Social Science will be held in the Science Center,  Pendleton Hall, Collins Cinema, and Founders Hall. Please note that all dining halls will be closed except Pomeroy.

RAINY DAY: Due to the inclement weather, we will be setting up lunch tables in Alumnae Hall Ballroom and Tishman Commons. Lunch will still be served under the tent on Alumnae Hall Lawn. Please come to Tishman Commons to cheer on the A capella groups; Awaken the Dawn, Blue Notes, Tupelos and the Widows.

The 2017 Ruhlman Conference Book has the schedule, location, and abstracts of all the presenters.

Ruhlman Schedule  Overview (Please note Ruhlman is only four sessions this year)

8:45-9:15 am Breakfast, Science Center Focus Area

9:15-10:25 am Session 1

10:25-10:45 am Break, Science Center Focus Area

10:45-11:55 am Session 2

12:00-1:30 pm Lunch, Alumnae Hall Lawn

1:30-2:40 pm Session 3

2:40-3:00 pm Break, Science Center Focus Area

3:00-4:10 pm Session 4

4:15-6:00 pm Ruhlman Reception for Presenters and Advisors at the Wellesley College Club


Featured Presentation (RAIN LOCATION PNW-101, Session One)

The Artist and the Craftsman

Green Beach (On Location Presentation) (Rain location: PNW-101)

Christine J. Galloway ’17, Art Studio,

ADVISOR: Andrew Mowbray (Art)

During the past six months I have been building an 11’6” Wee Lassie cedar strip canoe. This process has accompanied my personal exploration of the concepts of craft, craftsmanship, and the craftsman, through the course of my honors thesis. Where does craft fit into the context of contemporary art? How does gender and class fit into the discourse around it? I welcome you to join me on the shore of Lake Waban for a discussion around skill, labor, and value in the context of craft, as well as, explanations and antidotes regarding the building process of the Wee Lassie.


Jacqueline Loewe Fowler ’47 Prize in Public Speaking
This year’s Ruhlman Conference will host the Maurer Public Speaking Program’s third annual Jacqueline
Loewe Fowler ’47 Prize in Public Speaking competition. The prize honors Mrs. Fowler’s support of
public speaking at Wellesley through her substantial contributions to the public speaking program
established by Anne E. Maurer ’51 and her husband, Gilbert, in 2012.

The five finalists, listed below, will be presenting throughout the day in PNE-239, and their talks can be
viewed online at

Finalists (in schedule order)

Angela M. Sun ’17
Advisor: Erich Matthes, Philosophy
“The Values of Architecture”

Amal W. Cheema ’17
Biochemistry/Political Science
Advisor: Nolan Flynn, Chemistry
“Nanomedicine: Out of the Lab and into the Body”

Agnes (Aggie) G. Rieger ’17
Advisor: Beth Hennessey, Psychology
“Creativity as a Route to Attitude Change: Collage-Making and the Elaboration Likelihood Model”

Lisa J. Jenkins ’17
Advisor: Jennifer Grossman, Wellesley Centers for Women
“Let’s Talk About Sex: How Parents’ Conversations with Teens About Sex Change Over Time”

Caroline R. Bechtel ’17
Middle Eastern Studies/Political Science
Advisor: Paul MacDonald, Political Science
“Stumbling Into Progress: Military Learning in Disaster Relief Operations”


Ruhlman Guidebook

Guidebook is a mobile app and online interface that offers up-to-date information about the dates, times, locations, descriptions of events and more. (Available on April 24th).

Guidebook puts the 2017 Ruhlman Conference schedule in the palm of your hand since it is easy to use on a smartphone or tablet.  But you can use it just as well on any computer with internet connectivity.

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