Major/Minor Requirements

General Directions for Majoring in Russian

Students majoring in Russian should consult the chair of the department early in their college career. Students who cannot take RUSS 101 during the fall semester are strongly encouraged to take 101 during Wintersession; those interested in doing so should consult the chair early in the fall term. Advanced courses on Russian literature and culture are given in English translation at the 200 level; corresponding 300-level courses offer supplemental reading and discussion in Russian. Please refer to the descriptions for 376, 377, 382, and 386.

Russian Language and Literature Major

A student majoring in Russian Language and Literature must take at least eight units in the department above RUSS 102, including:

  • language courses through 302 (including Intermediate Russian 201-202 and Advanced Russian 301);
  • RUSS 251
  • two 200-level courses above 251; and
  • one unit of 300-level coursework above 302 other than 350, 360, and 370.

Thus, a student who begins with no knowledge of Russian would typically complete the following courses to major in Russian: 101 and 102, 201 and 202, 301 and 302; 251; two 200-level literature courses above 252; and one unit from 300-level literature courses.

Russian Area Studies Interdepartmental Major

A major in Russian Area Studies is different from a major in Russian Language and Literature because the Russian Area Studies major is an interdepartmental major, with less of an emphasis on the Russian language and Russian literature courses. See the requirements for the Russian Area Studies major. 


Please see the Wellesley College course catalog for information on graduating with honors in Russian Language and Literature or Russian Area Studies.

Minoring in Russian

A student minoring in the Russian language must take at least five units in the department above RUSS 102, at least one of which must be at the 300 level. 

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