Animal Care Facility

Animal Technologist: Pat Carey, Ext. 3051
Animal Technician: Valerie LePage, Ext. 3051

The facility is a shared resource available to all faculty that are using animals for teaching and/or research. The facility has been fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) since November 1985, and is licensed by the USDA. Students directly involved in live-animal research are required to download and read the "Animal Care Facility Manual."  Forms are available here.

Wellesley College Botanic Gardens

Hours: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm 365 days per year

Director: Kristina Jones, Ext. 3027
Senior Greenhouse Horticulturist: Anthony Antonucci, Ext. 3074 
Senior Gardens Horticulturist: Patricia Diggins, Ext. 3074 
Assistant Horticulturist: David Sommers, Ext. 3074

The Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses, combined with the 22 acres of the Hunnewell Arboretum and the Alexandra Botanic Gardens, are a wonderful horticultural resource. For more information visit Wellesley College Botanic Gardens.


Advanced Instrumentation Specialist: Jonathan Rose, Ext. 3016
Advanced Instrumentation Specialist: Elaine Igo, Ext. 3136 
Machinist: Larry Knowles, Ext. 3126

For instrument or mechanical repair, design, and construction, please use shop work request forms. Faculty wishing to use the mechanical shop during the week should make arrangements 24 hours in advance with the Machinist. Tools are not to be removed from the shops. Students may use the mechanical shop only with the assistance of the Machinist.


Music at the Science Center
Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, 4.30PM
Faroll Focus, by the Leaky Beaker
Featuring The Leaky Beaker Trio (Alden Griffith, Flick Coleman, and Jeff Hughes)
MPAC 2016 Cycle - Prospective Applicants Meeting
Wednesday, Dec. 3rd, 6PM, S277
attend if you're interested in knowing more about applying to medical schools
Science Faculty Seminar
Wednesday, December 5th, 12:30PM, S277
Linda Carli, Psychology Department
"Women ≠ Scientists: Stereotypes about gender and science"
(Event for faculty and staff only)



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Science Center

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Administrative Assistant

x 3075  cgagosia@wellesley.edu


JoNan Bilodeau, Science Center Office


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