Emergency Procedures


Campus Police: Ext. 5555 
Poison Control Center: (617) 232-2120 
Science Center Office: Ext. 3000

General Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency, immediately alert the instructor and those working in the critical area. They must be given the opportunity to protect themselves and to provide assistance within their capability. In all cases of emergency someone should obtain help. A call for assistance should originate from the person in authority who is physically present. Dial 5555 (Campus Police) while emergency methods are being used. Even when an accident victim is successfully treated, it is important that he/she immediately be placed under the care of a physician.

In case of emergency, follow the directions given by the instructor. Promptly leave the room if directed to do so after tuning off any burners or other heat producing devices. In some instances it could be unsafe to stop stirrers if a reaction is at a critical phase; however, in general, they should be shut off. If in doubt as to procedure upon exiting, ask the instructor.

All accidents or injuries occurring during class must be reported to the instructor. Injuries to students or "guests" should be reported on the Department Accident Form and also to the Campus Police Department; injuries to faculty or staff members must be reported on the College Accident Form. Both forms are to be filled out in triplicate and given to the Science Center Safety Officer. A supply of Accident forms may be obtained from the Science Center Office.