Caz Freeman Stone Davis Lake House Tower Court

Cazenove Hall: Taylor's Room


Why did I choose this room?

I lived in Pom my first year and loved it. I lived next-door in Caz my sophomore year and loved it just as much if not more than Pom simply for the community that it has. So I wanted to stay in Caz for my junior year especially because I would not have a roommate. I like West Side because it’s close to the Sports Center, campus police, and the Campus Center. It's about equidistant from the Academic Quad as East Side, and although not quite as close to the Science Center as East Side, it's close enough. West Side has the reputation of being more social while East Side is typically quieter. I like to have friends over without worrying about being considered too loud. The Quad is social, but not as loud as Tower Court, so it's a happy medium. I chose my specific room because I felt attached to the second floor--I have lived on the second floor all my years at Wellesley. I have a lot of stuff but I made it all fit and I decorated the tiniest room in Caz to make it feel loved and was even able to host up to 10 friends at a time in it!

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