Related Courses for Credit Toward the Major

Note: Courses with an asterisk (*) also require the permission of the instructor if the course is to be counted for South Asia Studies.

*ANTH 203 Indigenous People, Global Development, and Human Rights
ANTH 237 Ethnography in/of South Asia
ANTH 247 Societies and Cultures of Eurasia

*ARTH 240 Asian Art and Architecture
*ARTH 247 Islamic Art and Architecture

ENG 277 Modern Indian Literature

HIST 270 Colonialism, Nationalism, and Decolonization in South Asia
HIST 272 Political Economy of Development in Colonial and Postcolonial South Asia
HIST 275 The Emergence of Ethnic Identities in Modern South Asia
HIST 276 The City in South Asia
HIST 382 Seminar. Gandhi, Nehru, and Ambedkar: The Making of Modern India
HIST 383 Seminar. 1947: Partition in History and Memory in South Asia
*HIST 396 Port Cities of the Indian Ocean in Historical Perspective

*PEAC 104 Introduction to the Study of Conflict, Justice, and Peace
PEAC 324 Grassroots Development, Conflict Resolution, and the Gandhian Legacy in India

*POL2 202 Comparative Politics
*POL2 204 Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment
POL2 211 Politics of South Asia
POL2 219 Politics of Human Development in Pakistan
*POL2 307 Seminar. Women and Development
*POL2 309 Seminar. Ethnicity, Nationalism, Religion, and Violence
*POL2 310 Seminar. Politics of Community Development
POL3 223 International Relations of South Asia
*POL3 323 International Economic Policy
*POL3 332S Seminar. People, Agriculture, and the Environment
*POL3 351 Global Governance

REL 108 Introduction to Asian Religions
REL 118 First-year Seminar: The “Untouchables” of India and their Liberators (FYS)
REL 253 Buddhist Thought and Practice
*REL 259 Christianity in Asia
*REL 260 Islamic/ate Civilizations
*REL 261 Cities of the Islamic World
*REL 262 The Formation of the Islamic Tradition
*REL 263 Islam in the Modern World
REL 354 Seminar. Tibetan Buddhism
*REL 364 Seminar. Sufism: Islamic Mysticism
*REL 367 Seminar. Muslim Travelers

*SOC 221 Globalization
SOC 233 Gender and Power in South Asia
*SOC 234 Gender and International Development
*SOC 309 Seminar. Topics in Inequality