Can you get all of these Wellesley rites of passage done in four years?

We dare you to try...

50 Things to Do Before You Graduate

  1. Run naked across Severance Green.
  2. Get 12 hours of sleep in one night.
  3. Go stepsinging.
  4. See the campus from the top of Galen Stone Tower.
  5. Walk around Lake Waban with a friend.
  6. Have a party in your room for no reason and invite everyone you know.
  7. Skinny-dip in Lake Waban.
  8. Read a book that isn't required and that doesn't have anything to do with your major.
  9. Pull a non-academic all-nighter.
  10. Go traying on Severance Green.
  11. Write a letter to the editor.
  12. Attend one sporting event for each Wellesley athletic team .
  13. Admit you don't know everything.
  14. Have a little too much to drink at a department party and start a singalong with your favorite professor.
  15. Eat nachos at the Hoop.
  16. Get a Little Sister.
  17. Eat in all the dining halls in one day.
  18. Send an e-mail to someone who is sitting in the same room.
  19. Buy candy in El Table to eat during class.
  20. Let a prospective sleep on your floor.
  21. Become the ultimate fan of at least one Wellesley sports team.
  22. Stay for Wintersession.
  23. Be the subject of a psychology experiment.
  24. Nominate a professor for the Pinanski Prize.
  25. Swing next to the Chapel.*
  26. Attend Senate. Say something.
  27. Go tunneling.
  28. Try dorm or class crew on the lake.
  29. Visit the observatory.
  30. Become a regular at CVS.
  31. Go to a Shakespeare Society production.
  32. Go ice skating on Paramecium Pond.
  33. Declare your own personal Lake Day.
  34. Go trick or treating at the president's house.
  35. Nap in the library.
  36. Start a dorm war.
  37. Stage a protest.
  38. Join an organization.
  39. Go to a frat party.
  40. Write a paper in 13-point New York.
  41. Learn to fake a Boston accent.
  42. Attend an on-campus party.
  43. Voluntarily attend a lecture.
  44. Take a day off and be a tourist in Boston.
  45. Primal scream.
  46. Cheer at the Boston Marathon. See if you can get a runner to kiss you.
  47. Go to a commencement other than your own.
  48. See at least one a capella concert.
  49. Listen to WZLY.
  50. Ride in a Campus Po Car. (Lights and siren are a bonus.)

* On April 23, 2014, a new swing was installed in honor of Kathryn Wasserman Davis ’28.