Slater International Center
More about Slater

Slater International Center is the focal point for international activities on campus and a space for anyone in the community with the desire to increase intercultural understanding and establish global connections. It is a place where students from diverse backgrounds gather informally and create long-lasting friendships.  Student organizations and academic departments use Slater International Center regularly for meetings, events, and cultural celebrations.

The Slater International Student Organization strives to encourage a greater understanding among cultures through events and community building.  The Slater Executive Board works closely with the Slater International Center staff and meets weekly to plan activities or events that support international students and promote intercultural awareness.  Membership in the Slater International Student Organization is open to all Wellesley students. Members have access to Slater and can use the Center to study, gather with friends, watch films, or cook something that reminds them of home. To learn more about the different cultural organizations on campus, click here. You can also visit our Google or Facebook group.