Political, Social Justice, and Awareness Groups

We know Wellesley prepares us to make a difference in the world, and the women in these organizations want to start now.

Often, they host programs and events to raise awareness and encourage fellow community members to take action -- whether that be through a residence hall recycling competition or a petition to end human rights abuses in Darfur.

  • Active Minds of Wellesley

    Founded in 2001 as the Organization for Mental Health Awareness (OMHA), Active Minds at Wellesley College is a student organization for mental health awareness and advocacy, maintaining supportive peer outlets for students, and raising awareness through fun events and programs -- such as the annual pre-finals petting zoo. Facebook Page

  • Advocates for North Korean Human Rights (ANKHR)

    We are a social justice organization that takes an educational approach to deepening understanding of the North Korean human rights crisis. Our primary concern is working to provide comprehensive perspectives on North Korean politics, economy, and society to better understand how to approach its human rights issue. ANHKR hopes that Wellesley students will be inspired to make this cause their own.   Facebook Page

  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is a worldwide movement to campaign for internationally recognized human rights. Our missions is to aim to preserve and restore all human rights under the belief that each individual and group is entitled to physical and mental dignity and safety, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination. Facebook Page

  • CPLA Logo


    The Committee for Political and Legislative Awareness is a standing committee of College Government, headed by the CPLA Chair. CPLA presents issues of a political nature to the student body in a balanced, non-partisan, and educational manner, aids groups which have a political or legislative orientation, coordinates and plans programming to educate the campus about political issues, and provides students with the knowledge of off campus events.

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  • International Relations Council

    The goal of the International Relation Council (IRC) is to represent the needs and views of International Relations majors, and to raise awareness about international affairs, especially to deepen discussion among students of world, social, and political issues.  Facebook Page

  • Peace Coalition

    Peace Coalition is dedicated to the establishment of peace at Wellesley and in the world. We work to cultivate peace within ourselves, promote peace and social justice issues/theory within our college community and within the broader world. Peace, to us, is not just an anti-war stance, but it is about breaking down all external and internal systems of oppression. We engage in dialogues and host events that analyze our current world predicament. 


    In 1995, Peer Advocates was founded in order to provide resources for rape survivors. The organization changed its name to Sexual Assault Awareness For Everyone (SAAFE) to reflect an expanded goal of educating the community at large about sexual violence. Today, we continue to educate our peers about sexual assault, offer support to survivors of sexual violence, and take part in activism to combat rape culture on campus and in the broader community. Facebook Page

  • Rainbow flag with Spectrum over it


    Spectrum is Wellesley's LGBTQ socio-political organization. Activities and events include social events aimed to create a network and support group for Wellesley students who identify as queer. Events also include political activities such as lectures, and raising awareness through Transgender Day of Remembrance, National Day of Silence, and LesBiTrans Week. In order to work with other organizations on campus, Spectrum co-sponsors various events throughout the year. 

  • Team Impact

     A non-profit organization based in Boston, MA that enhances the lives of children facing life-threatening diseases by drafting them onto local college athletic teams. facebook

  • WC Democrats

    As members of the Wellesley community, the WC Democrats hope to bring students to the Democratic party by increasing the awareness and advocacy of such ideals as compassion, diversity, and equality of opportunity for all.  Our goal is to provide a forum for the discussion of politics and the problems facing today's world. Facebook Page

  • WC Republicans

    The Wellesley College Republicans seek to encourage community involvement in the political party; to foster political expression, debate, and understanding on campus; to educate the Wellesley Community about the platform and positions of the Republican party; and to support candidates in local, state, and national elections.  Facebook Page

  • Wellesley Asian Alliance (WAA)

    Founded in 1992, Wellesley Asian Alliance is an Asian American racial justice activist organization whose mission is to increase curriculum offerings in Asian American Studies at Wellesley College, educate the community about Asian American issues, and work in solidarity with other minority student groups on campus.   Visit us on Facebook

  • Wellesley College Blue Cancer Society

    The Blue Cancer Society was founded in September of 2008 by Eleanor Crumme and Myra Yang as the first student organization to provide the Wellesley College community with opportunities in cancer activism and to spread awareness about cancer and preventative measures. In conjunction with the American Cancer Society, the Blue Cancer Society is also working to provide cancer volunteer opportunities and to raise money to support continued activism and scientific research. Facebook Page

  • Wellesley for Public Health

    WPH is a part professional, part social justice organization that aims to bring together students that are interested in public health. Our primary goal is to enhance the Wellesley community's understanding of public health topics by organizing faculty and guest lectures, discussions, service trips, and other activities. We also serve as a pre-professional resource, hosting alumnae panels and admissions representatives from graduate programs.  Facebook Page

  • Wellesley for UNICEF

    The Wellesley chapter of UNICEF (United Nations Children's Emergency Fund) is to advocate, fundraise, and raise awareness for the health, education, safety, and rights of children around the world. Through weekly meetings, we organize fundraisers, lectures, and awareness events. We also participate in international UNICEF activities, such as Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and Tap Water Project. Facebook Page