These organizations are for the students who want a chance to pursue their diverse passions beyond the classroom. Some groups build off of academic pursuits while others focus on shared interests and hobbies.

  • À la Mode

    À la Mode is Wellesley’s fashion club, dedicated to sharing and celebrating the art of fashion through events such as lecture, fittings, vendor trunk shows and fashion history. À la Mode also sponsors creativity right on Wellesley’s campus through events, such as eXposé, that highlight student designers and artists. In addition, we aim to extend the outreach of fashion on campus through our blog and Facebook page with weekly posts of fashion business articles and CollegeFashionista Wellesley page articles.Visit us on Facebook


  • A.S.T.R.O. Club

    A.S.T.R.O. Club is a group of "Astronomy Students Toward Recreational Observing." All astronomy enthusiasts are welcome! We help out with public nights at Whitin Observatory, go on trips to dark sky sites, use the college's antique telescopes to observe, and talk about space.

  • Biological Chemistry and Biology Club- (BC)^2

    Our goal is to foster a stronger community within the biochemistry and biology departments. Each year, we host formal and informal events that promote conversations between students and professors, such as our lunch series and dessert series lectures. Additionally, we work to promote awareness of the diverse careers available to STEM majors through events and blogposts. We also host scavenger hunts, study breaks, and end-of-semester celebrations so that students could get to know each other better! instagram

  • Classics Club

    Classics Club strives to promote an interest in the Classics and serve as a resource for students interested in the major. Some of our main activities have included museum visits, movie nights, and talks by professors from the Classics Department.

  • Clio History Club

    Clio History Club is an open and fun space for both history aficionados and novices alike to gather in the appreciation of the cumulative human experience. With that in mind, history is not merely a sequential list of events to us, but rather the complex, vibrant, and particular narratives we all write. We celebrate our passion through adventurous historical outings, lectures, discussions, workshops, games, pub trivia nights, and lunches with the faculty. Come join us! Facebook Page

  • Club Rocks

    Club Rocks is Wellesley's premiere student geosciences organization. Its purpose is to foster a love of the Earth and all its processes, while maintaining community among geosciences students and enthusiasts. We're the schist.

  • Economic Student Association

    The Economic Student Association at Wellesley College organizes events relating to the field of economics and increase awareness of economic current events.

  • Guild of Carillonneurs

    The Wellesley College Guild of Carillonneurs carries on the tradition of bell-ringing in Galen Stone, which has continued since the 1930s when the carillon was first installed. The Guild of Carillonneurs is a musical performance group that teaches students to play and perform on the carillon in Galen Stone Tower. Our group aims to share the music of the carillon with the Wellesley community, and to do so we provide students the chance to perform concerts. Facebook Page

  • International Relations Council

    The goal of the International Relation Council (IRC) is to represent the needs and views of International Relations majors, and to raise awareness about international affairs, especially to deepen discussion among students of world, social, and political issues.  Facebook Page

  • Mock Trial

    The Wellesley College Mock Trial team was founded in 2000 to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the work of trial attorneys, better understand the judicial system, develop critical thinking skills, and enhance communication and public speaking ability through participation in mock trials sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA).

  • Model United Nations

    The aim of Wellesley College Model United Nations (MUN) is to encourage student’s learning and  understanding of international relations, diplomacy, and global politics. Besides hosting regular workshops that familiarize students with the procedural and international background knowledge required for MUN conferences, we also assemble workshops that help students with their public speaking and position paper writing.

  • Neuroscience Club

    The Neuroscience Club is dedicated to creating a community within the neuroscience major and making neuroscience accessible to the student body as a whole. Through lectures, social events, fundraisers, a monthly newsletter, and the annual Patterson Symposium on Neuroscience and Society, we hope to provide a forum for students to extend their interest in neuroscience beyond the classroom.

  • Outing Club

    The Outing club aims to provide a venue for Wellesley community members to participate in outdoor activities.  These include hiking, biking, climbing, trail running, camping, skiing, and other activities based on the interests of current club members.  Our goal is to have fun while fostering a community with a love and respect for the great outdoors. Facebook Page

  • Phocus Photography

    Phocus Photography Club

    Phocus Photography Club, open to both amateur and advanced student photographers, is dedicated to learning, practicing, teaching and exhibiting photographic art. Phocus aims to create opportunities for the Wellesley community to engage with and appreciate photography on and off campus. facebook

  • gavel

    Pre-Law Society

    Our mission is to sponsor law-related events and to serve as a resource for students interested in a law career. Founded in 2002, the Pre-Law Society has had over a decade to host legal panels, work with fellow legal organizations like Kaplan Test Prep, Blue Print Test Prep, and Phi Delta Phi-the International Legal Honors Society. We welcome new members and encourage all to like our Facebook page for updates! facebook

  • Regeneration

    Regeneration provides the community with affordable, local produce from our farm plots in the Weston Road community garden and behind the greenhouse, where we use sustainable practices such as composting, cover cropping, and no-till sheet mulching to promote the health of the soil ecosystem. Through community outreach and hunger relief efforts, we aim to create a greater awareness of food justice and socio-agricultural issues and to improve community access to sustainable produce.

    Visit us on Twitter Visit us on Facebook Visit us on Tumblr

  • Society of Physics Students

    The Society of Physics Students is a club for those interested in physics and in meeting other like-minded students.  Members have the opportunity to participate in various physics-related activities, including both on and off campus gatherings as well as the annual end of the year physics vs. math softball game. Join us every other Monday night at 8:00pm in the Physics Lounge (SCI 269) to talk physics, tell jokes and have a good time.

  • The Wellesley Debate Society

    The Wellesley Debate Society is part of the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA), an association of American Colleges and Universities whose members compete in weekend parliamentary debate tournaments across the Northeast. We aim to encourage students' abilities in public speaking and argumentation in a fun yet competitive manner.

  • Wellesley Anime

    Wellesley Anime’s goal is to provide opportunities to learn about Japanese culture through its animation and we try to accomplish that in as many fun, unique, and entertaining ways as possible!  Our signature events include karaoke nights, ghost story telling during Halloween, trivia events and the Cherry Blossom Ball. But above all we are best known for being a great community where anyone who shares our interests can come and have a great time. Facebook Page

  • Wellesley College Chemistry Society

    Wellesley College Chemistry Society seeks to promote unity among the chemistry community and inspire students to pursue chemistry by organizing events and allowing students to get to know professors outside of an academic setting.

  • Wellesley College Emergency Medical Services

    Wellesley College Emergency Medical Services (WCEMS) seeks to make campus safer by promoting matters of emergency medicine on campus. WCEMS hosts training opportunities for students to become Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians and to become certified as other types of first responders. To be as prepared as possible, we organize training drills for mass-casualty events and ensure that all of our members are able to respond with skill, confidence, and compassion. Facebook Page

  • Wellesley Energy and Environmental Defense

    Wellesley Energy and Environmental Defense is the largest environmental organization at Wellesley whose mission is to educate the campus community on environmental issues, provide forums for dialogue, improve campus sustainability and engage in local and regional campaigns relating to climate change, renewable energy, and sustainable development. Visit us on Facebook

  • Wellesley Pre-Dental Society

    The Wellesley College Pre-Dental Society is the best resource on campus for Pre-Dental students looking to learn about what courses to take, dental education community service, the application process, and why dentistry is a great career choice! Link

  • Wellesley Women in Business (WWIB)

    The purpose of the Wellesley Women in Business is to cultivate members' interest in business, expand their understanding in specific sectors and industries, prepare them for the transition from a liberal arts education into their future business careers, and - most importantly - equip young women with the tools necessary to seize their talent and succeed in the world of business. We hold panels, lectures, workshops, and field trips to connect students with alumnae and leaders in business professions of their interests and expose them to business graduate programs early on. WWWIB aims to help women find career direction, network with alumni and peers, and achieve ambitious career goals.  Facebook PageVisit us on Twitter