Dance -- in all its forms -- is represented by Wellesley's student organizations.

Whether you are an experienced dancer or just like to do it for fun, there is a group here for you!

  • ascenDance

    AscenDance is a contemporary ballet company on campus that is entirely student run; students act as choreographers, as teachers and as dancers in the company. Our founders created ascenDance to increase the opportunity for dance and student choreography on the Wellesley College campus. Our company is open to all levels and we do not audition. We learn and perform a variety of styles of dance including classical ballet, contemporary ballet and modern. Facebook Page

  • Ballroom Dancing

    The Wellesley College Ballroom Dance Team is made up of women from all four classes with one thing in common: we love to dance! We train alongside the MIT Ballroom Dance Team and compete in ballroom competitions all over the East Coast throughout the year. We have dancers in every level, from newcomer up to championship. We also perform on campus and periodically offer social ballroom classes. Facebook Page

  • Belly Dancing Society

    Wellesley's Belly Dancing Society offers the opportunity for students to learn and practice the art of belly dance. Open to all who are interested, we have weekly rehearsals for those with prior experience and for beginners. Throughout the year we have various opportunities for involved students who want to, to perform belly dance, often being featured in other dance and performance groups' shows on campus and sometimes at other colleges. In addition to providing an opportunity to stay physically active, we promote learning about the cultural and historical background and diversity of belly dancing.   

  • Dance Collective

    Dance Collective was founded in 1999. Although we say that we're a modern dance group, that doesn't mean we only do one style of dance. The kinds of movement we do are determined by whatever dance backgrounds the members bring to the table - and whatever new styles they want to try out.We don't require or even expect dance experience; all we ask is that you be open to moving! Facebook Page

  • FreeStyle

    FreeStyle is Wellesley's premiere hip hop dance troupe. We are an open and inclusive dance troupe founded in the spring of 1997 created to enhance the performing arts and promote hip-hop and funk-oriented dance at Wellesley College. Facebook Page Website

  • WADO dance group

    Wellesley Asian Dance Organization

    The mission of WADO is to spread both traditional and modern culture of East Asian dance to the Wellesley community and surrounding areas. Members will be able to learn and improve skills in dance through weekly rehearsals and various on- and off-campus performances. We do not audition; both beginners and those with prior experience are warmly welcome. Facebook Page

  • Wellesley College Dancers

    The Wellesley College Dancers is a student-organized dance company that represents a variety of training in the art of dance. Focusing in classical ballet, lyrical, modern, and jazz, all dances and performances are student-choreographed and rehearsed on a weekly basis. Wellesley College Dancers encourages the the development of improvisation, community, and the diversity of dance. Facebook Page

  • Wellesley On Tap

    Wellesley On Tap is a student-run organization dedicated to teaching, learning, and performing tap dancing. Our group consists of the New Troupe ("Troupies") and Performance Troupe ("Troupe"). The Troupies learn the basics of tap dance (no experience needed!). The Troupe holds an audition process for more advanced tappers and represents the organization in performances on and off-campus. Facebook Page

  • Yanvalou

    Yanvalou Drum & Dance Ensemble is a folkloric group that performs the traditional music and dance of Africa as it exists today in Haiti, Brazil, and Ghana among other countries of the African diaspora. Students learn and perform the movement, rhythm, song, and folkloric tales that are part of these rich traditions in an ensemble that is unique in the Boston area. Facebook Page