College Government, Councils, and Boards

Come shape the Wellesley community by joining one of these groups!

  • College Government

    The nine annually elected members of College Government Cabinet work to administer and implement the various functions and responsibilities of CG by collaborating with student orgs, administrators, and staff, chairing Senate committees, and holding events throughout the year. In addition to serving as a liaison between the student body and the administration, Cabinet encourages students to take initiative by developing and implementing active programs pertinent to issues of interest and concern. Facebook Page


  • SBOG

    We are the Schneider Board of Governors. At Wellesley College, we are responsible for planning and hosting large-scale events like Remix and Spring Week. As an organization, we are committed making the social life at Wellesley as exciting and inclusive as possible. As a group, we are creative, diverse and innovative. Facebook Page Twitter

  • Student Organizations Funding Committee

    SOFC is the student-run committee of College Government, chaired by the Student Bursar, responsible for the fair distribution of the Student Activity Fund among constituted organizations. While SOFC approves the budgets of the student organizations, the student-run Bursar's Office manages the financial transactions and bank accounts of all SOAC-constituted organizations.