Do you like to write or edit? Or is design or photography more of your thing? Maybe you're a music buff or the next Terry Gross. Either way, there's a place for you at one of Wellesley's student-run media groups.

  • Counterpoint


    Counterpoint is Wellesley's monthly journal of campus life. We publish non-fiction articles on just about everything, from politics to the arts, campus life to personal essays. Since our founding in 1991, we have become more offbeat and somewhat irreverent, but we remain dedicated to promoting individual thought, casual popular scholarship, and campus dialogue. We aim to highlight narratives that mainstream and popular media often fail to bring to the forefront. Facebook Page instagram Visit us on Twitter

  • GenerAsians Magazine

    GenerAsians is Wellesley's Asian/Asian American magazine for people of all ethnic backgrounds to write about the A/AA community. GA released its first issue in 1997 and has established itself as one of Wellesley’s major student publications. Published once each semester, GA is dedicated to raising campus awareness of social, cultural, and political issues affecting the A/AA community. GA welcomes all types of submissions: on current events and issues, opinions, reviews, creative writing, creative works, editorials, and more!  Visit us on Facebook


  • Legenda

    Legenda is Wellesley's yearbook -- organized and designed by the students.  The Legenda staff collects all of the stories, photos, and memories of the year.  Facebook Page    

  • The Wellesley Globalist

    A student-led International Affairs Publication and chapter of Global 21, headquarters at Yale University. The Global 21 network includes premier universities around the world. The goal is to participate in dialogue that promotes greater international cooperation and understanding among university students around the world. The goal is to promote skills in journalism, business, non-profit, and government work, and to tackle global issues through our articles, article exchanges across chapters, and conferences.  Facebook Page

  • The Wellesley Review

    The Wellesley Review is a bi-annual literature and arts publication that features the work of Wellesley students, faculty, staff and alumnae. We are also an organization that fosters a literary environment on campus by sponsoring readings, events and an interactive environment pertaining to literature and the arts. Most art is created in an intensely solitary capacity—particularly the literary arts—our role is to bring those works, and by extension their creators, into a public forum. Visit us on Facebook

  • Wellesley College TV

    Wellesley College Television News (WCTV) produces a biweekly satire news show called 'Boobtube.' The word boobtube was a slang word for the television set in the 1960's because people thought TV was frivolous. We produce Boobtube from scratch; we write our material, film it with our own editors, edit it, and publicize it. We are the only organization on campus that can give students experience in all aspects of video journalism. Facebook Page YouTube

  • Wellesley News

    Founded in 1901, The Wellesley News is a weekly newspaper run by the women journalists of Wellesley College. We have no faculty advisors or administrative liaisons. The News is issued every Wednesday of the academic year. Facebook Page Facebook Page Facebook Page

  • WZLY 91.5 FM

    Welcome to Electric Ladyland. WZLY (91.5 FM) is the radio station of Wellesley College and is operated as a student activity. Call 781.283.2690 to request something on-air. Facebook Page