Religious Organizations

Wellesley’s many religious organizations allow students to maintain their religious and spiritual traditions, or explore new ones, in a supportive community setting.

For many students this serves as a valuable addition to, or integral part of, attending services either in the Chapel or off-campus.

  • Al-Muslimat members


    Welcome to Wellesley College Al-Muslimat! Al-Muslimat is a student-run organization for the Muslim Women of Wellesley College. Al-Muslimat, which means "The Muslim Women," was established in 1992, and has since been providing Islamic support services for women from various countries, traditions, cultures, and backgrounds. In addition to supporting Muslim women, Al-Muslimat promotes an understanding of Islam and issues related to Islam throughout the Wellesley College community. Facebook Page

  • ABSK members

    Asian Baptist Student Koinonia

    ABSK, Asian Baptist Student Koinonia, is a community of Christians committed to fellowship with Jesus Christ and one other. Our goal is for others to come to know the love of God that we share. We meet every Thursday for Bible Study, but we also love to cook, take trips, and share our lives together. Whether you're a Christian wanting to grow or simply want to know more about life, we invite you to come join don't have to be Asian or Baptist! Visit us on Facebook

  • Cru Wellesley Christian Fellowship

    Cru Wellesley is a spiritual community of women who encourage one another to explore who Jesus is and seek His word. We meet in weekly Life groups, hang out on Friday nights with other Boston students at Citywide, make cookies, go on retreats to New Hampshire and do homework together really, really late at night. We invite anyone to join us, regardless of their spiritual background, in figuring out what difference Jesus makes at Wellesley.  Visit us on Facebook

  • Darshana

    Darshana is Wellesley's Hindu student organization and provides a great sense of community for many Hindu students. We gather weekly for prayer and discussion and also meet weekly for a study of the Bhagvad Gita, a famous Hindu text. In addition, Darshana holds campus wide celebrations of holidays, such as Diwali and Holi, and meets with other colleges in the Boston area once a semester for retreats, conferences, and temple-trips. All who are curious about Hinduism are more than welcome to join. Facebook Page

  • Hillel

    Hillel is the Jewish student organization on the Wellesley campus. Hillel provides religious, social, educational, and cultural activities for the Jewish and non-Jewish populations alike. Wellesley students have many distinct ways to explore Jewish heritage, religion, and culture, from reading the Megillah on Purim to baking cookies for the homeless. Wellesley Hillel is unique because it celebrates holidays with the entire college community. Facebook Page

  • Newman Catholic Ministry

    Newman Catholic Ministry

    The Wellesley College Newman Catholic Community seeks to foster an environment that strengthens one’s spirituality and understanding of the Roman Catholic Church.  Embracing Cardinal Newman’s ideology that intellect and spirit go hand in hand, we hope to become living witnesses as educated, passionate, and faithful Catholic leaders.  Respecting the dignity of every person, we challenge one another to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

  • Wellesley Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

    A movement of students who offer spaces to authentically explore & encounter Jesus in community. We want to see Wellesley connect, thrive, come alive. Wellesley Intervarsity welcomes and invites anyone and everyone - followers, believers, seekers and cynics - to genuinely explore, engage and experience Jesus together. May our shared journey transform our lives, our campus, and our world. Facebook Page