Volunteer and Service Groups

These groups translate the college motto, Non Ministrari sed Ministrare, into action by providing opportunities for direct service to the Wellesley Community.

  • Campus Girl Scouts

    Campus Girl Scouts is a Wellesley College organization that works with young Girl Scouts in the local community. Every semester we put on two Interest Project Workshops, in which we choose an interest project (a badge) and set up a workshop so that the Girl Scouts who attend can come for an afternoon and complete all the requirements for that badge. We often invite other students, faculty, and staff to present to the girls on topics related to the badge and bring the girls to relevant sites on campus.

  • Chinatown After School Program

    Eighty counselors from Harvard and Wellesley, plan innovative and engaging educational projects and most importantly serve as role models to 60 kids grades 1-6 in Boston’s Chinatown. The program runs Monday through Thursday 2:45-7pm including transportation time. The first hour is devoted to homework time and the second hour to project time. It is the only free after school program available to the students of Chinatown.

  • Mission Hill eboard

    Mission Hill After School Program

    We are the Wellesley branch of PBHA's Mission Hill After School Program. The Mission Hill After School program is the largest and oldest student-run after school program in Boston. We serve approximately 70 students ages 5-14 from the Mission Main and Alice Taylor neighborhoods. Our curriculum focuses on one-on-one tutoring in the context of a larger classroom environment. Facebook Page

  • Wellesley College Blue Cancer Society

    The Blue Cancer Society was founded in September of 2008 by Eleanor Crumme and Myra Yang as the first student organization to provide the Wellesley College community with opportunities in cancer activism and to spread awareness about cancer and preventative measures. In conjunction with the American Cancer Society, the Blue Cancer Society is also working to provide cancer volunteer opportunities and to raise money to support continued activism and scientific research. Facebook Page

  • Wellesley Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity works with the local MA chapters to help build homes for low income families on day long Saturday trips and provide this opportunity to every Wellesley student. The purpose of this organization is for each member to develop understanding and service for those in need. In addition, there is emphasis on bonding with their fellow peers on these trips.